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The Data stream at Sibos 2019

The world of payments is experiencing unprecedented changes, completely reshaping the way we move value across the world. The advent of real-time payments is opening up tremendous opportunities for industry players, and smarter data has a central role to play. 

Quality data enables payments to happen faster and more seamlessly, makes compliance more effective and efficient, and drives business forward. However, navigating the sheer volume of the data available can be challenging. 

This year’s SWIFT@Sibos data stream will gather industry and SWIFT data specialists to examine how to harness the power of data. Discover how smarter data can enable financial institutions to gain greater insights into their business and relationships with customers, counterparts, and market infrastructures to deliver better and more competitive services.

Top sessions to attend

gpi Observer Analytics solution: A must-have for your organisation


Monday 23 September


Location: SWIFT Theatre

As a gpi user streamlining your operational efficiency and enhancing your business development strategy is key to giving you a competitive edge. With payments routing intelligence and speed benchmarking capabilities at your fingertips, gpi Observer Analytics provides you with new ways to move money faster and reduce costs. During this session, discover how to monitor gpi payments at country corridor, currency, and correspondent levels to see your activity share and adoption rate, gpi market practices, and identify new business opportunities.

It’s all about data: using advanced analytics as an investigative tool


Monday 23 September

Location: SWIFT Room 1

Advanced analytics are a useful tool to support financial crime compliance. They help us to gauge the impact of global events, including the implications of the introduction of sanctions and the development of trends such as AML de-risking.


In this session, SWIFT and Financial Network Analytics (FNA) will draw on documented cases to discuss how the use of advanced analytics can:

  • be extended to perform ongoing monitoring of cash flow
  • provide early warning signs of unusual trends
  • predict outcomes using ‘what if’ analysis

Keeping up with RMB internationalisation 


Tuesday 24 September

Location: SWIFT Room 1

With more than 1,900 financial institutions now using the RMB for payments with China and Hong Kong, the internationalisation is strategically important for banks and FIs. As China expands its economic power into the global arena, alongside initiatives such as the Belt and Road (BRI) and the Great Bay Area (GBA), new opportunities are opening in Asia Pacific and beyond.

In this session we will examine:

  • how the RMB stands against other currencies
  • the latest SWIFT RMB data 
  • trends influencing the RMB’s internationalisation

SWIFT Scope: Supporting your intra-day liquidity reporting needs


Tuesday 24 September

Location: SWIFT Knowledge Bar


Many banks have struggled to meet the rigorous intraday liquidity reporting requirements set out by BCBS. The burden of reporting on intraday liquidity flows is costly and resource-intensive, with failure to do so leading to potential penalties. 


Join us to discover how data collection, storage, and visualisation of accurate and timely information through SWIFT Scope can help you demonstrate to regulators that you have a robust liquidity monitoring and reporting framework.

Business intelligence that gives you the edge


Tuesday 24 September

Location: SWIFT Theatre

In the payments, trade finance and FX businesses, there is always a race to gain the competitive edge. The Watch for Banking portfolio is continuously enriched, giving you the tools to better understand your business globally, identify new opportunities, improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Join us in this session to find out more.

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