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Table of contents

Participants are invited to select four work sessions to attend which run through the Forum. Selection of your chosen topics can be made on registration.

Work Sessions explore the topic in depth offering room for interactive discussions and participation in innovative presentations hosted and presented by the Service Managers and SWIFT subject matter experts.

MT and MX – Future Proofing your Messaging

Audience: This session is intended for anyone involved in managing messaging infrastructure or business processes for Market Infrastructure services which plan to adopt MX message standards.

As work starts on the community moves to adopting MX - beginning with Target2 - it is becoming increasingly clear how firmly embedded message standards are in each area of our organisations. The adoption of MX standards will affect most of us, from IT and Operations to Business Processing, impacting all aspects of how we manage business transactions. This interactive session will allow you to share your thoughts and discuss with your peers how you can approach the challenges and opportunities involved - from assessing the technical impact on systems, to mapping and implementing changes, to adapting business processes. You will also hear how SWIFT can help both individual institutions and communities plan and execute a successful adoption.

Compliance - Back to the Future

Audience: Customers interested in raising their awareness of Compliance matters within financial institutions (the objectives, the actors, the threats, the responses, etc) in an interactive way with their peers.

With the growing threat posed by financial crime and the associated risk of incurring penalties for not complying with the various directives and regulations that seek to fight and prevent it, financial institutions are coming under an ever increasing amount of regulatory pressure.

Going back to the basics to address the needs of the future: this session provides the opportunity, after reviewing the basics, to discuss and understand the types of challenge, the associated risks that they represent, and, importantly, the responses that can be deployed.

Business Continuity - Be ready!
(Van Dongen)

Audience: Given the scope of the topic at hand, this session would be suited to a wide ranging audience but should be particularly interesting for those directly involved in disaster recovery, either from an operational or business perspective.

Over the past Premium Services Forums, we have given you several insights into what a SWIFT Cold Start is and how to handle it.

We now propose to present a broader picture of Business Continuity, exploring this domain in an interactive way and sharing information about how Business Continuity can be organised.

Operational Optimization - Doing more with less (Chagall)

Audience: The intended audience for this session are those people responsible for supporting and managing SWIFT Infrastructure.

In a non-perfect world, where money and other resources are limited, building the most effective, resilient and agile infrastructure becomes a huge challenge. The aim of this session is to build and manage the infrastructure that is best suited to your institution, using solutions and tools provided by SWIFT and to exchange “best practices” with your peers.

Let's talk about - The changes, our roadmap and what's in it for you (Utrillo)

Audience: If you use for your day to day SWIFT responsibilities and activities, then this session is for you.

Always highly appreciated, well attended and very interactive, this session provides an overview of the recent and coming changes on applications, and presents some of our thinking about the proposed future direction of the platform.

Getting the most out of your Premium support contract (Jacob)

Audience: This session is for all Premium Customers - newcomers or old-timers alike!

As a Premium customer, you will learn how to ensure you get the most out of the different features in the Premium Support service. We will guide you through the way SWIFT Support is trying to address all your needs and provide you with some tips and tricks on how to ensure you get the correct attention at the right time. We will also be seeking your input on the service and will review the results of the latest satisfaction survey together.