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Taking only 15 minutes per topic, participants are able to choose which briefings they attend during the time allocated in the agenda on Day 1, moving between the chosen sessions.
Speed Briefings are concise and to-the-point exchanges of information of the subject matter of the briefing presented by SWIFT experts. 

Know Your Customer Registry

The regulatory requirements around Know Your Customer (KYC) are becoming increasingly strict, which forces financial institutions to dedicate a substantial amount of resources to KYC regulation compliance. The lack of a centralised source for accurate KYC information leads to massive numbers of document exchanges and a huge amount of duplicated effort and cost for the industry.  Launching at the end of 2014, the KYC Registry will provide correspondent banks with a global platform of accurate KYC information that will increase efficiency and standardisation. The KYC Registry is a single, standardised and secured source of validated information about correspondent banks.   While financial institutions have often invested in KYC compliance in an isolated manner, SWIFT has adopted a collaborative approach by consulting its community of correspondent banks to shape the KYC Registry.   Join our briefing to find out how the KYC Registry can help you to reduce your cost and risk related to KYC activities.

Why Alliance Messaging Hub shines in your infrastructure landscape?

The relevance of AMH is increasing in an environment in which banks are under more and more pressure to reduce the costs and complexity of their operations, whilst developing their ability to connect and integrate with a wide range of third-party applications. Furthermore, new market regulations and resiliency demands drive institutions to evaluate what AMH has to offer.Large regional and global banks have chosen AMH for its multi-network support, advanced resilience and improved performance.Join our briefing for an update on AMH status in the market,  and learn how it can provide value for you as a messaging hub, integration application and business processing tool.

MT to MX - Adoption by European RTGS

TARGET2 has announced its intention to move its high value payment system from MT messages to ISO 20022 in November 2017. EBA (Euro1/Step1) will follow the same path. This session will provide an overview of the general principles of the like-for-like approach that will be adopted by both RTGS Service Providers. We will also look at the impact that the adoption of ISO 20022 will have on your payments applications and give you an overview of the products and services that SWIFT will be offering to facilitate these projects. 

Sanctions Compliance 

Compliance is a common, global challenge facing financial institutions and corporations worldwide. This speed briefing session explains why SWIFT has chosen to develop products in this space, and how our offering addresses some of the issues facing our customers. We will also take the opportunity to introduce our ‘compliance solutions roadmap,’ designed to meet both current and future regulatory requirements.

Compliance Analytics

The fight against financial crime and the compliance with all regulation aimed at achieving this, is top of the agenda, from the boardroom to the business pages. Millions have been spent on developing systems, processes and personnel that can handle the ever–increasing challenges of complying with constantly evolving laws and regulations.  Compliance Analytics is a new SWIFT service that helps banks monitor and address financial crime risk by leveraging SWIFT message traffic data. This briefing looks at where and how Compliance Analytics can be used within your institution.

SWIFT Release Timeline

Not to be missed, the Release timeline is your reference plan for SWIFT products and services.  The release timeline provides you with planning information on the SWIFT portfolio that can be built into your own SWIFT roadmaps. During this briefing you will be taken through the planning of SWIFT Infrastructure patches and releases for the coming year. We will also brief you on other SWIFT plans that might affect your operations so that you have a comprehensive view on all SWIFT changes that will impact your operational plan for the coming 18 months.