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SOFE 2017 features the SWIFT Lab, which will allow delegates to experience SWIFT’s products and services first hand. It is also a great opportunity to see the ongoing R&D work being carried out by SWIFT to develop new concepts, products and business models.

Exploring SIEM support in SWIFT Alliance with a Splunk Proof of Concept (PoC)

Presenters: Hubert Toussaint, Simon Gillet
Date and time: 29 November: 13.20 - 13.40  and 30 November 10.05 - 10.25

As part of  SWIFTLab programme, this session will explore how to leverage the new features of Release 7.2 such as Common Event Format (CEF) logging and other useful SIEM features to improve your Security Operations Centre (SOC) capabilities to detect cyber threats related to your SWIFT infrastructure.  This session will explore those and You will also get a chance to see a live PoC showing a Splunk prototype implementation that includes dash boards and monitoring queries. Join us and discover how this could help further secure further your SWIFT Alliance infrastructure!

Discover SWIFT gpi Tracker

Presenters:  Lior Cohen
Date and time: 29 November 11.20 - 11.40

SWIFT, together with its banking community, designed SWIFT gpi to set a new standard in cross-border payments. Since the beginning of this year, banks are now able to provide their customers with a faster and more transparent cross-border payments service, offering end-to-end payments tracking similar to international parcel shipping companies. Join this session to discover the innovative features underlying the new SWIFT gpi service and to have an insight on the gpi tracker.

SWIFT gpi innovation with Distributed Ledger Technology – SWIFT Nostro DLT Proof of Concept

Presenters: Damien Vanderveken
Date and time: 29 November 16.05 - 16.25

As Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) progresses towards maturity and the first SWIFT gpi release is live with version 2 also on its way, this session will showcase how SWIFT’s latest research and development work on DLT will bring new enhancements to improve gpi even further. The SWIFT Nostro DLT Proof of Concept leveraged blockchain technology to provide real-time visibility on the liquidity of Nostro accounts, easing reconciliation and allowing liquidity savings while meeting key industry requirements such as governance, data privacy, standardisation, security and identity. You will get to see a live demo and learn more about what benefits this could bring to your business.

Discover SWIFT Compliance portfolio

Presenters: Charlotte Pardou
Date and time: 30 November 13.35 - 13.55

Discover how SWIFT’s new and existing services could help your institutions mitigate sanctions risks,  cyber-crime threats, AML , KYC and Fraud.