26 to 28 November 2014

SWIFT Operations Forum Europe

Achieving operational excellence: balancing speed with safety

Welcome to SOFE 2014

Across the EMEA region, our industry continues to face challenges, with pressure on costs still a constant, along with regulatory change, uncertainty in the Eurozone, political upheaval… All these factors shape the environment in which we operate, and they all intensify the challenge of achieving and maintaining operational excellence.

Operational excellence remains a crucial foundation for financial institutions to thrive in this tough environment. Rock-solid operational resilience coupled with enough flexibility to accommodate change and deliver new services to market in timeframes that allow us to remain commercially agile – and achieving this at lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) remains a priority.

Operational excellence is back on the agenda of SWIFT’s annual Sibos event, taking place in Boston at the end of September, and it’s also back as the theme for SOFE 2014. In Paris we’ll build on the discussions in Boston, as well as those we had at SOFE 2013 in Amsterdam. We will explore how we can best address the challenge of balancing speed with safety, enabling us to keep achieving unmatched levels of operational excellence and keep collaborating to reach our operational goals, all whilst leveraging innovation to bring new services to market at reasonable speed to secure the future of our businesses.

We’re currently building the programme for this year’s SOFE, and will ensure we examine all the key challenges you’re facing as well as progress in addressing them, particularly looking at where collaborative efforts can drive innovative solutions to common problems. The programme will again combine plenary sessions addressing the big picture questions that really matter, with in-depth work sessions on SWIFT’s products and services – including, but not limited to, Interfaces and Integration, Alliance Lite2, connectivity for CLS and T2S, SWIFTRef, Business Intelligence Services, Support Services, MyStandards and the Standards Readiness Portal, the Compliance Roadmap, our Cloud offering and our Services portfolio that enables customers not only to buy our products but also to integrate these into their systems and operational processes in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We will also continue to exploit the innovative formats we’ve introduced during recent SOFE events to facilitate easier and more targeted interaction between you and specialists from SWIFT and SWIFT’s partners. Our objective remains to deliver useful, practical insights for professionals engaged on a daily basis in achieving operational excellence.

SOFE has established itself as an unrivalled forum in which to debate and discuss our industry’s operational challenges and how to achieve the levels of operational excellence we all aim for. The event is also a great opportunity for you to tap into detailed information about SWIFT’s strategy and how we are helping to facilitate collaborative, innovative solutions to support you in achieving your operational goals, with lowest TCO.

We will keep you informed here as the SOFE 2014 programme takes shape, and we look forward to seeing you in Paris!

Peter de Metsenaere
Head of EMEA Customer Support, SWIFT


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