7 March 2017
Zurich, Switzerland

SWIFT Business Forum Switzerland 2017

Welcome to the SWIFT Business Forum Switzerland

This free event, reserved exclusively for SWIFT customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, will focus on the key trends affecting the financial industry as a whole and most importantly in Switzerland.

Across Europe, our industry continues to grapple with powerful disruptive forces – regulation, cyber threats, new technologies and new entrants, as well as changing customer behaviour, to name just a few. Change is a constant, but are we now witnessing a fundamental challenge to established business models and operational processes? Will established financial services players such as banks simply be on the receiving end of this change – or can they take control and exploit these disruptive forces for competitive advantage?

The programme for this event will combine keynote speeches and panel discussions to address a number of these topics. We will look at the disruption and rejuvenation of correspondent banking and at financial crime compliance and analyse how these developments impact the Swiss financial industry and beyond. We will also cover developments in the fintech world, discuss what applications distributed ledger technology (DLT) might have within the financial industry, look at what is happening in the Swiss Fintech landscape, and show you some proofs of concept (PoCs) that SWIFT is working on in the DLT space.

Following the announcement of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme - a dedicated initiative to reinforce and evolve the security of global banking, we will also look at how well the financial industry fares on cyber security, discuss the challenges involved in defending our industry from cyber-attacks, and share expertise and best practices.

During the breaks, the SWIFTLab Innovation Corner will allow you to experience SWIFT’s products and services first hand. It will also offer a great opportunity to see the ongoing R&D and proof of concepts being carried out by SWIFT.

You will hear from renowned industry speakers, alongside SWIFT experts, on all of these topics and learn about what SWIFT is doing to meet the needs of its community. As always, this one-day event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and share experiences on topics of great relevance to you and your business.

I look forward to seeing you at the Business Forum!

Cristina Crigo





Cristina Rigo
Head of SWIFT Switzerland

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