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The importance of high-quality reference data

Financial institutions and corporates alike increasingly rely on SWIFTRef to minimise payment failures, save costs, comply with regulations and reduce counterparty risk.  Find out from current practicioners why high-quality reference data (BICs, LEIs, IBANs, routing codes, correspondent bank relationships) is so critical to their business.

  • Joanna Beer, Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • Gregory Burns, VP, Product Manager -USD Clearing Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Scott Lambert, Treasury Senior Director, Cigna Treasury Department.

Securities Initiatives in the Americas Region: A View from 35,000 Feet

What are the new ‘hot’ topics on the minds of securities players in North and South America? How is SWIFT involved in these initiatives and what progress is being made? How do these initiatives relate to the global securities marketplace? For example, how is DTCC’s implementation of the new corporate action message suite progressing? What about the increased scrutiny in the collateral management area? How are Latin American markets pushing ISO standards and how can SWIFT help with the evolution of MILA and other Latin American securities initiatives? And what about automating post-trade flows and increasing STP in Latin America? Come along to this session to get an update on the securities landscape of activities in the Americas region.

  • Malene McMahon, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • Fabian Banchiero, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

KYC Registry – Solution update

Know your customer (KYC) compliance is a major source of compliance-related cost and effort for financial institutions.  The lack of a single, standardised, on-demand source for validated, up-to-date KYC information leads to massive numbers of document exchanges, and a huge amount of duplicated effort and cost for the industry. To reduce KYC-related effort and cost, SWIFT has developed a global KYC Registry for correspondent banking. The Registry will enable users to address regulatory requirements in a standardised, efficient manner. Join this session to find out what the KYC Registry can do for you.

  • Paul Taylor, Head of Business Development, Financial Crime Compliance Services, SWIFT
  • Carolyn Vick, Executive Director, Wholesale Client Onboarding, Corporate and Investment Bank,  JPMorgan Chase

Big Data in Financial Services

How are you using data today?  Where do find value in Big Data?  In this session, we will discuss how Big Data is used today and what will be the future of Big Data in Financial Services. We will explore the use of Big Data many aspects of the market, including Risk, KYC, Business Intelligence and Decision Support.

  • Roy Solorzano, Sales Engineering, Financial Services, Microstrategy
  • Mary Knox, Research Director, Banking and Investment Services, Gartner


The United States National Group (USNG) seeks to increase the dialogue between SWIFT and its U.S. participants by more actively engaging with users not directly involved in the Steering Committee. We look to the larger constituency to identify opportunities, issues and concerns where the USNG could provide leadership, representation or guidance. Our engagement takes the form of written updates, webinars, conference calls, direction to SWIFT training, live meetings and events.  The USNG seeks broad participation via Subcommittee discussions to foster dialogue directly between users, the USNG and SWIFT.   Additionally, the USNG stands ready to join SWIFT in reinforcing the value proposition of the SWIFT network, SWIFT community, Market Practice and Standards to potential new participants as may be mutually agreed with SWIFT. Join the session to learn more about the group and to better understand how your participant can benefit you and your organization.

  • Brian S Crabtree, Director, Citi & Chair of Securities Subcommittee
  • George M Doolittle, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo & Chair of Cash & Trade Subcommittee
  • Scott Frazer, VP, PNC Bank, Chair of US Corporate Subcommittee
  • John J Masterson, Managing Director, BNY Mellon & Chair of Technology Subcommittee
  • John Mckessy, SUSNG, User Group Chair
  • Theodore Rothschild, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan & Chair of SUSNG

The Treasury Toolbox – Tools for success in Cash Management

Over the past 10 years, the SWIFT for Corporates portfolio has expanded beyond secure connectivity to offer tools to support the growing needs of Corporate Treasury. These tools allow corporations to be more efficient while keeping costs down, leveraging technologies and mitigating risks.  Come to this interactive session to discuss the status of the portfolio, barriers to adoption and new tools available to support connectivity, integration, on-boarding, payments and role of standards (including CGI, eBAM, reporting, payments, eStatements).

  • Andrew Deichler, Editor, Web & Publications, Association for Financial Professionals
  • Barbara Quiroga, Director, Cash Operations, Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • Rene Schuurman, Director, Global Market Manager Channel Services, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions

SWIFT Compliance Services Roadmap

There are not many hotter topics than Financial Crime Compliance within the financial industry today. Promoting further financial market stability, and introducing new controls, regulators and indeed media have focussed heavily on this domain. In early 2014, SWIFT announced that it was extending its Financial Crime Compliance offering beyond its existing Sanctions tools to a KYC Registry and Compliance Data Analytics tools as well as looking at other possible services to help customers mitigate cost, improve efficiency and enable better compliance. Join us to find out what’s already available, what’s in the pipeline and how our compliance services can help your institution reduce cost and risk in the regulatory compliance process.

  • Luc Meurant, Head of Banking Markets and Compliance Services, SWIFT

Leveraging SWIFT statistics to gain business and operational insights

SWIFT’s Business Intelligence product and service range continues to expand. Find out about recent additions to our BI portfolio such as Securities Analytics, which provide insights on settlement and corporate actions. You will also learn more about a new BI service located at the premises of central banks or commercial banks that can provide a far more comprehensive analysis of your traffic. Also, learn how one large client has gone beyond Watch data to create a business driven set of reports to help define strategy and identify opportunities.

  • Chetan Cariappa, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • John Ladany, Managing Director Correspondent Banking Group Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citibank

ISO 20022: Accelerating the Pace of Adoption Session

ISO 20022 is being implemented in multiple jurisdictions around the globe and has reached a 'tipping point' in its maturity cycle. It is both a new standard as well as an enabler for overcoming business challenges in both the payments and securities market sectors. What is being adopted where? What are the drivers of this faster-paced adoption? How is SWIFT supporting these adoption communities and what tools and services are available to help accelerate the roll-out? How can your institution integrate this new enabling technology in your own plans for improving automation and lowering cost and risk in operational processes?

  • Frank Van Driessche, Senior Business Manager, Market Infrastructures, SWIFT 
  • Patrik Neutjens, ISO 20022 Programme Director, SWIFT