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Evolution of SWIFT in Treasury

What are corporations looking for from SWIFT?  What are the new and emerging treasury requirements?  Since SWIFT for Corporates was launched, the program has evolved beyond secure connectivity to offer a portfolio of services.  Come to this interactive roundtable to discuss new and emerging initiatives with your corporate peers.  Help guide the community on initiatives to continue support your current and future needs. 

  • Robert J. Blair, Managing Director, SWIFT and Americas Market Management, J.P. Morgan
  • Robert Freiling, CTP - Senior Manager, Fund Financial Services Fund Treasury, Vanguard
  • Stephanie McClintock, CTP - Manager, Fund Financial Services Fund Treasury, Vanguard

DTCC and SWIFT: navigating the challenges ahead

DTCC and SWIFT have been partnering for the mutual benefit of their respective communities for many years. Getting the global LEI off the ground, transforming the corporate actions landscape in the US, enabling standardized reporting for global trade repositories are just a few examples of this. What's next on the horizon and what are some of the challenges ahead that can be tackled through collaboration and partnership? Come along to hear perspectives on some of the hurdles and obstacles these two organizations have experienced as they put together their plans for the next few years.

  • William Hodash, Managing Director, Business Development, DTCC
  • Brett Lancaster, Head of Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

Manage your correspondent risk through insights leveraging SWIFT KYC

SWIFT is leading a community initiative to develop a global utility to centrally collect and distribute up-to-date, standardized KYC information.  Discover how SWIFT's KYC Registry will help banks identify key details on their counterparty correspondents and share their own KYC information in order to meet regulatory and risk requirements.   Listen to KYC experts discuss how a global registry can help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your KYC compliance program while reducing cost, effort and risk.

  • Luc Meurant, Head of Banking Markets and Compliance Services, SWIFT
  • Dan Taylor, Managing Director, Global Market Infrastructures, J.P.Morgan

Trends in cloud computing

What systems can you move successfully to the cloud? What prevents cloud computing from being adopted whole-heartedly? What is the impact on design of applications, sourcing, skills, governance, and regulation?

  • James Labocki, Cloud Computing Technical Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
  • Saket Sharma, CIO, Bank of New York Mellon Treasury Services

CLS Member Gateway Elimination Project; where we are and where you should be in your planning

As part of its strategic architecture program (STAR), CLS is replacing the current CLS Member Gateway technology with a solution based on industry standards. This session will provide details on the Member Gateway Elimination Project, including an overview of CLS, current and target architecture, key benefits, high-level timelines and member migration plan details.

  • Ram Komarraju, Managing Director, Technology, CLS Bank International
  • Damien Vanderveken, Programme Manager, EMEA Market Initiatives, SWIFT

The road to 2015: an update on the latest initiatives from SWIFT

Come to this session to hear trends in message adoption and new initiatives in the securities and payments market landscape. The updates will include MyStandards, LEI, Corporate Actions, EBAM and eStatements.  

  • Stacy Rosenthal, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • Malene McMahon, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

Designing the next generation of on-boarding

With increased adoption of SWIFT for Corporates globally, what on-boarding capabilities are needed to make SWIFT more turnkey for corporates? What are corporations' requirements and expectations? Are there additional services SWIFT and financial institutions should offer?   Join this interactive dialogue to provide your input into the next generation on-boarding process.

  • Matteo Monaco, Head of Corporate Sales NA, SWIFT Americas 
  • Graham Warner, Global Head of Online, Mobile & Desktop Client Access Products, Deutsche Bank

Spotlight on Latin America; an in depth look at the Fund Market

This session will explore different perspectives on how pension fund and mutual fund managers in key countries in the region are expanding their footprint regionally and globally and are looking for methods within which they can automate their workfl ows. We will discuss the similarities and differences across Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile from a payments and securities perspective.

  • Jairo Namur, Head of Latin America, SWIFT Americas
  • Thomas Trepanier, Commercial Manager, Latin America, SWIFT Americas

Payments industry perspectives

The payments industry continues to undergo change due to non-traditional entrants, channels, regulation, cost pressures and globalization.  The panelists will debate these topics and address some important questions.  Come to this session to better understand the impact the new generation is having on the payments business and technology strategy.

  • George Doolittle, Head of Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo
  • Ken Isaacson, Vice President, Wholesale Product Office, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Steve Mott, CEO, BetterBuyDesign

Cyber threats: The battle continues

With cyber threats on the rise, collaboration between banks is necessary to stay ahead. Have attacks and your approach to defense evolved in the past year? What needs to change to improve the processes and technical environment in your organization?  Our expert will highlight some of the latest attacks and share some cutting-edge technology to help you protect your organization.

  • Arnaud Boulnois, Product Management, Messaging, Connectivity & Security, SWIFT

SWIFT US National Group (SUSNG) - an update

The SWIFT US National Group (SUSNG) seeks to increase the dialogue between SWIFT and its U.S. participants by more actively engaging with users not directly involved in the Steering Committee. We look to the larger constituency to identify opportunities, issues and concerns where the SUSNG could provide leadership, representation or guidance. Our engagement takes the form of written updates, webinars, conference calls, direction to SWIFT training, live meetings and events.  The SUSNG seeks broad participation via Subcommittee discussions to foster dialogue directly between users, the SUSNG and SWIFT. Additionally, the SUSNG stands ready to join SWIFT in reinforcing the value proposition of the SWIFT network, SWIFT community, Market Practice and Standards to potential new participants as may be mutually agreed with SWIFT.

Join the session to learn more about the group and to better understand how your participation can benefit you and your organization.

  • Brian Crabtree, Director, Citi & Chair of Securities Sub-committee
  • George Doolittle, Head of Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo & Chair of Cash & Trade Sub-committee
  • John McKessy, SUSNG, User Group Chair
  • Theodore Rothschild, Executive Director, J.P.Morgan & Vice Chair of SUSNG