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Table of contents

The SWIFT showcase will include the following products and services:

Business Intelligence & RefData

Mining SWIFT data can give your institution the insight you need to make better and more timely decisions. Learn more about our featured SWIFT Business Intelligence suite including:

- Watch Analytics, providing powerful and dynamic access to your SWIFT messaging data
- Watch Insights, which are easy to use dashboards that provide data to better understand your business on SWIFT. 

As the ISO registration authority for BIC and IBAN-format, SWIFT is perfectly positioned also to offer you SWIFTRef- a single source for all reference data (BIC, LEI, IBAN, national bank/sort codes, Standard Settlement Instructions and more) for hassle-free payments and regulatory reporting.

  • Joanna Beer, Product Market Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas
  • Chetan Cariappa, Commercial Manager, Business Intelligence, SWIFT Americas

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Faced with an ever-increasing need to monitor compliance risk, banks need to know their customers, specifi cally their correspondent banks. But how can this be achieved? SWIFT proposes to create a global platform to centrally collect and distribute up-to-date, standardized KYC information. Discover how SWIFT KYC Registry will help banks identify key details on their counterparty correspondents in order to meet regulatory and risk requirements.

  • James Wills, Senior Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas

Resiliency tools

As a SWIFT user, you understand how critical your SWIFT connection is for your institution, but how resilient is your infrastructure? During this session, we will demonstrate how you can increase the resiliency of your SWIFT connection from the network to the application levels and beyond, potentially utilizing SWIFT's cloud solutions. We will also illustrate how to use SWIFT as an alternative channel to your proprietary customer portal. Attend this session to increase your awareness.

  • Alain Fabian, Senior Technical Expert, SWIFT Americas
  • Adolfo Gonzalez, Technical Sales Expert, SWIFT Americas

MyStandards and MyStandards Readiness Portal

  • MyStandards - This fast-paced session will demonstrate how to  improve any or all of the following: corporate on-boarding, standards release management, streamline you market practice management, centralize all standards-related information in a simple way. 
  • MyStandards Readiness Portal - Learn how self-service MT and ISO 20022 message testing can on-board new corporates, and clients, to ramp your revenue quicker and with less pain. The MyStandards Readiness (testing) Portal is a web application, with no on-site footprint, which is available immediately. This session is not to be missed because it directly remedies your testing pain points.
  • Jeffrey Eck, Business Manager, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas