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Table of contents

Consulting Services & Training

SWIFT has revamped its training courses to align it with customer requirements, new market developments as well as the latest training technologies and trends. This, together With the development of SWIFT’s consulting capabilities in Africa, will inform on how can you take advantage of our capabilities in this area to reach new levels of operational efficiency in your business?

Cloud connectivity

How is SWIFT’s range of connectivity solutions developing to make it easier, quicker and more efficient for you to take advantage of our solutions in your business? Find out about SWIFT in the cloud: Lite2, Lifeline, Remote Gateway.

Business continuity & Connectivity

Find out the latest about the existing alternatives available to connect to SWIFT as well as the latest initiatives in this regard, including SWIFT Connect Everywhere. In addition, the session will inform on how SWIFT’s support and business continuity strategies are helping you have complete certainty about the safety of your operations.

SWIFT Alliance Portfolio

Explore in detail the latest developments in our interface family and how you can take advantage of them: Database Recovery; Operational reporting; Alliance Integration Platform (IPLA).


Find out about SWIFT’s growing suite of compliance and financial crime products and services, including Sanctions Screening and Sanctions Testing. Find out how they can help you to easily and cost effectively keep up with the complex regulatory environment.

SWIFTRef & Business Intelligence

Reference data is a pre-requisite for hassle-free international and domestic payments while financial information provides the necessary insights for any counterparty risk analysis. If you are struggling though to collect and permanently maintain these data about correspondents and companies worldwide, then join this session and find out how SWIFTRef can make your business easier! Also in this session, find out about the SWIFT Business Intelligence portfolio, which continues to expand and now encompasses an entire suite of intuitive tools including analytics, insights and economic indicators designed to grow with a customer’s business needs. Find out how this can give you insights into your own payment trends and market developments.

Corporate connectivity & 3SKey

Find out about how to be ready for corporates on SWIFT take advantage of the growing numbers of corporates on the SWIFT network. What does 3SKey have to offer and who is using it?