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The SWIFT showcase will include the following products and services:

  • Business Intelligence: Analytics and Insights from SWIFT can help your organization view complete end to end flows for payments, through initial ordering and end beneficiary information.  Gain further insight into counterparty flows, market penetration and operational efficiency in the securities, trade and payments through business intelligence services.
  • Compliance Services: Speak to SWIFT about your AML compliance risk based requirements; Understand how SWIFT can support your current and evolving regulatory needs locally and globally for testing, tuning and screening as well as KYC.
  • Integration Services: Find out how SWIFT integration solutions and services can ease your organization’s integration requirements around SWIFT MT, ISO20022 and file based solutions supporting Corporate flows, FileAct services, MT/MX coexistences.  Using these tools to automate your organization's back office processes can significantly reduce cost and risk.
  • Lite2: Lite2 is the easiest way to connect to the SWIFT network. Reduce your infrastructure costs and have SWIFT experts manage the technology. In addition to the connectivity option, Lite2 offers Alliance Remote Gateway which allows you to keep your important business data and processes in-house and let SWIFT manage the communication channel with your counterparties, and Lifeline which provides emergency connectivity delivered by SWIFT for you primary infrastructure and your branches.
  • MyStandards: MyStandards is a powerful web platform environment with wide-ranging potential.  MyStandards reduces time, cost, effort and risk related to standards management. The platform centralises and streamlines standards release and market practice management, accelerates implementation and automates documentation tasks. MyStandards Readiness Portal simplifies message testing, and client on-boarding.
  • Resiliency tools: As a SWIFT user, you understand how critical your SWIFT connection is for your institution, but how resilient is your infrastructure? Learn about how you can increase the resiliency of your SWIFT connection from the network to the application levels and beyond, using functionality available within your SWIFT infrastructure and even potentially utilizing SWIFT's cloud solutions. We will also illustrate how to use SWIFT as an alternative channel to your proprietary customer portal.
  • SWIFTRef: Offering a single source of reference data that your company requires for a flawless payments process.   The service is comprehensive, accurate and up to date information supporting all your reference data needs.
  • Support Portfolio: SWIFT offers support designed to meet the diverse requirements of each type of customer. The levels of support service range from web based support to fully customisable solutions.  Premium and Premium Plus packages provide preventative support features to help organizations maintain a fully functional environment and recover business critical operations in the shortest possible time frames.
  • Training: Increase your operational performance, drive your costs down and reduce the risk of errors by learning how to use SWIFT's standards, products and services accurately and effectively.  SWIFT has training options that cater to every role and learning style, including on-site and web-based delivery.