• Please be aware that if you are using the Long Term Archival of Accord (LTA) then terminating your contract means that all your LTA archive data will be permanently deleted.

• If you wish to keep access to your Long Term Archival of Accord then do not proceed but instead use the Accord GUI to “Exclude” all message types to avoid being charged for matching fees.

• The annual Accord service fee will be applied for the months that matching takes place, and will be pro-rated to the number of months you used Accord this year. Your annual LTA service fee remains fixed at the amount you paid in 2016.


All Accord subscribers, whether matching, or with just access to Long Term Archive, will receive at the end of 2016 a Notice of Termination from SWIFT giving formal notification of the Accord end of service on 31 October, 2017.
At the same time, details of the LTA Data Export Service will be made available. See the Accord Data Migration Fact Sheet.

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Terminate your Accord subscription

  • When you terminate Accord, you have to define the name of your Matching Entity in field 4.01. This Matching Entity is unique per Accord service type (you cannot have the same used for both Accord Treasury and for Accord Securities). Based on the Matching Entity name, SWIFT can determine which Accord subscription you want to terminate.
  • One terminate request is allowed per order form.
  • In the form, Long Term Archive (LTA) is an option for the live Accord service only.
  • For LTA users, if you want to receive an export of your data then do not terminate your Accord subscription.

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