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The TSU is a centralized matching and workflow engine. It provides the timely and accurate comparison of data taken from underlying corporate purchase agreements and related documents, such as commercial invoices, transport and insurance.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Ordering checklist

  • To subscribe to the Trade Services Utility, you must complete the Real Time and store-and-forward forms at the same time. Please use the same implementation date.

SWIFTNet Publication Information

  • Both forms contain a section called “SWIFTNet Publication Information”. In this section, you need to specify the BIC8 or BIC11 that represents your TSU entity.
  • This information will be used by SWIFT to configure the TSU server application.
  • It will also be published in the Services Directory on SWIFTNet.

This section is mandatory and may not be left blank.

Place orders

Subscribe to Trade Services Utility

• Real Time mode: this form relates to communication from your institution to the Trade Services Utility. This communication is based on FileAct and Browse
• Store-and-forward mode: this form relates to communication from the Trade Services Utility to your institution. This communication is based on FileAct.

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