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This page allows you to order Paper BIC directory.

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Understanding the ordering process
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Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Important information about your order

  • To avoid the submission of incorrect orders, you are invited to contact SWIFTRef Services to discuss and review your needs.
  • Please note that the email address of the main and back-up administrator you indicated in the e-form must have a user profile. If not yet registered on, click on "Create account" to create a SWIFT user profile account. Once created, you will be able to submit your order.
  • SWIFT registered users are defined as customers who have previously registered on; either as part of the BIC registration process or through the SWIFTRef registration process for non-connected customers (customers without a BIC).
  • For ordering specific to re-distribution of SWIFTRef data license, please contact SWIFTRef Services
  • Ensure you have the email address of your sales contact person at SWIFT before you order.
  • For subscriptions paid by credit transfer, the duration of the subscription is valid for an unlimited period and SWIFT will invoice the annual license fee in advance.

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