KYC Registry Pricing information

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  • No subscription fee
    Subscribing to the KYC Registry service and documenting your own entities in the Registry is free of charge.
    Multiple entities (BIC8 or BIC11 legal entities) can participate to the service under the same subscription.
  • Consumption fee
    An annual fee applies for consulting another entity’s KYC data (BIC8 or BIC11 legal entities) using The KYC Registry.
    This fee per entity covers unlimited access to that entity’s data until the end of the current calendar year, with no limitation on the number of users.
    To provide additional cost certainty, the annual data consumption fee will be capped in 2016. For more information, contact your local SWIFT representatives.
  • Enterprise License
    In order to optimise the consumption fees and to avoid cost duplication from repeated use of the same entity’s data by multiple parties within the same organisation or group, large institutions are being offered the Enterprise License. Contact your local SWIFT representatives for further information.
  • SWIFT Profile (traffic reports)
    SWIFT charges the customer requesting its SWIFT Profile traffic reports an annual fee of EUR 2,500.
    Three quarterly Profile updates are included in this annual fee. SWIFT does not charge separately the customers consulting their counterparties’ Profiles (included in the data consumption fee).
  • Invoicing
    The KYC Registry consumption fee is invoiced yearly (in January), based on the number of entity’s datasets consulted during the previous calendar year.
    SWIFT Profile fee is invoiced anticipatively (in January) for the upcoming calendar year.

Order KYC Registry.