SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) initiative Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT) service

Improved customer experience in cross-border payments: increased speed, transparency and traceability.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

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SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) initiative

The gpi Customer Credit Transfer subscription and order products should be performed once at the level of your parent destination.
Before ordering the products, your parent destination must subscribe to gpi Customer Credit Transfer.
Once subscribed to gCCT you can order the gCCT products in Test and in Live. Please place the test order first before the corresponding live one.
Note that the gCCT products test and gCCT products live can only be ordered once. To add new participants or make any other changes after the initial order, please go to the gpi change, replace & upgrade page.