Change your Business Identifier Code (BIC)

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Understanding the ordering process

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Ordering checklist

  • Read the BIC Policy which provides a general description of the rules related to the registration and the publication of BICs (login required).

  • While requesting to change your BIC, you can choose to keep or to change your Security configuration:

    • If your PKI is currently delegated to another BIC, you should ensure that the Administering institution remains the same.

    • If you wish to delegate your PKI administration or to terminate your PKI delegation, you should wait the completion of the BIC change request.

    • If you wish to keep your current Security Officers, you should ensure that they are registered on for your current BIC.

    • If you wish to change your Security Officers, use this order form to register new Security Officers:

      • Service Bureaux cannot use this order form

      • Use the form below twice, one form for each Security Officer

      • Register initial security officer (online and offline roles). Please see below.

      • The two registered Security Officers will receive PKI secrets (online role) from SWIFT via special courier and receive access to Secure Channel (offline role). 

  • A change of BIC lengths about two months. 

  • If you need to change your institution name or address

    • Read the Knowledge Base tip 1298884

    • Use My profile on

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Change your Business Identifier Code (BIC)

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