Customer Security Work Sessions

Community engagement

Customer Security Work Sessions worldwide will commence April 2017 and will run through to December 2017.

The Customer Security Work Sessions provide an opportunity to:  

  • Learn about the general threat landscape and why protecting your SWIFT-related infrastructure is of utmost importance.
  • Understand SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme in-depth and how it can help.
  • Walk through the steps your organisation will need to take in order to meet SWIFT’s Customer Security Control Framework and submit a self-attestation.
  • Engage with and ask questions to SWIFT experts regarding the technical aspects of the SWIFT Customer Security Controls and how they apply to your way of connecting to SWIFT.

These events will also serve as an opportunity to discover Cyber Security Service Providers that can provide you with support to assess, remediate and provide assurance against the security controls.

SWIFT will also provide the community with direction on how and where to access further updates including self-service tools such as the mySWIFT knowledge base, SWIFTSmart for training, the CSP pages on and direct channels into local experts.
As the Customer Security Work  Sessions are rolled out worldwide, SWIFT will collect feedback, providing further updates to Frequently Asked Questions that can be shared back with the community.

Upcoming information on regional planning for Customer Security Work Sessions will be made available in the coming weeks.
For any questions please contact your SWIFT Account Manager or your SWIFT Country Manager.

Cyber Security Service Providers
For those customers that may require support from third party Cyber Security Service Providers, SWIFT will publish a Directory of Cyber Security Service Providers in the second quarter of 2017.

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SWIFTSmart: SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

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SWIFT Connectivity & Security

Follow this introductory course to understand how SWIFT delivers confidentiality, integrity and availability on its secure platform. The training looks at SWIFT’s Secure IP Network, its infrastructure, and how SWIFT is able to deliver a secure, reliable and resilient service for all its customers.


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Cyber Security: Customer Incidents

Follow this introductory course to understand how cyber criminals can penetrate your local infrastructures. You will also learn how important it is to prevent, detect, and report any breaches in security.


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SWIFTSmart security training

Explore the various security related modules from SWIFTSmart. From RMA Access to PKI and HSM, ensure you operate your SWIFT environment securely and in-line with best practice.


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