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SWIFT introduced the Customer Security Programme (CSP) to reinforce the security of the global financial community.  The Customer Security Controls Framework and attestation process supports customers to secure their local SWIFT environment and enhance cyber-risk management across the community.

The KYC Security Attestation application (KYC-SA) is designed for users to submit their self-attestation data which confirms their organisation’s level of compliance with SWIFT’s customer security controls.

The tool helps to increase community transparency by allowing users to share their self-attestation data with their counterparties, and also to request data from others in order to apply risk-based decision-making concerning their business relationships.

As a first step, users submit their own self-attestation data to the KYC-SA, to confirm their level of compliance with SWIFT’s mandatory customer security controls. It is optional to self-attest compliance against the advisory controls.

Thereafter, users can search the application for attestations published by other users and request access to view attestation data, while remaining in control of sharing their own data to counterparties.

The release 3.0 (R3.0) of the application is now available for self-attestation for every organisation’s live 8-character BICs.

All users need to re-attest before the expiry date of the current attestation and confirm full compliance with the mandatory security controls V1 (2018) no later than 31 December 2018.

A detailed description of the security attestation process and requirements is available in the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Policy.

A detailed description of each data field is provided in The KYC Registry Security Attestation Baseline document available on Customers must log in to mySWIFT with their credentials to access these documents. ( > Ordering & Support > User Handbook home > A-Z > Customer Security Programme).

Customer Security Programme - Self-attestation
Customer Security Programme
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Customer Security Programme - Self Attestation

Easily manage and update your self-attestation for your live 8-character BIC

With The KYC Security Attestation application, it’s easy to submit, edit and update your mandatory compliance data.

Demonstrate security best-practice for your local SWIFT environment

Choose to self-attest compliance with advisory controls to provide enhanced transparency to your counterparties.

View your counterparty’s security attestation

With the KYC Security Attestation application, you can check whether your counterparty has submitted an attestation and request to view details of their compliance with SWIFT’s customer security controls.

Find out more about SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme

SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework is helping to reinforce the security of the global financial system. Discover more about other measures to support customer security.

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