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We aim to raise the expertise of independent Assessors and to standardise the CSP assessment methodology for a better alignment of the assessment scope and costs. Registered CSP assessment providers in the Swift Partner Programme will have to meet specific eligibility criteria and employ at least two Assessors who have successfully completed the certification programme by passing an exam.  Swift users who select a CSP assessment provider with a CSP certified Assessor to perform their independent assessment will have their choice visible in the KYC-SA application.

Specific report templates and effort estimates for standardisation and cost containment will be made available, ensuring the reliability and credibility of assessments. Swift CSP certified Assessors will be subject to quality assurance by Swift. Working with a Swift CSP certified Assessor remains optional for Swift users.

Find out more as a Swift User

Consult the Swift CSP Certified Assessors Directory

Find out more as a CSP Assessment Provider

All about the certification

Programme roll-out timeline

The progression of the Swift CSP Assessor Certification, from the subscription phase to live implementation is highlighted by the following milestones:

End of 2023

Current Assessment providers listed in the Directory of CSP Assessment providers, and any new applicants are requested to complete their registration for the new Swift CSP Assessor Certification, starting from November.

January 2024

The Swift CSP Assessment Certification is live, making it possible to take the exam. Subsequently, Swift CSP Assessment Providers and their Swift CSP Certified Assessors will be published in the dedicated Swift CSP Certified Assessors Directory on

March 2024

The current Directory of CSP Assessment providers will cease to exist. Only the Swift CSP Certified Assessors Directory will be available.

July 2024

The Swift assessments by certified assessors start. This milestone marks the official launch of the program, with Swift CSP Certified Assessors now able to conduct certified assessments based on the established guidelines and requirements in the CSCF v2024.

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