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Invoice frequencies

Overview of the Current Billing frequencies of Swift's products and services


Products and services

Billing frequency

Network usage

·  FIN (including Broadcasts), FIN copying services

·  At Month end, in arrears

·  Solutions Offerings (Accord, CLS Third Party Service, Affirmations, Crest, Mail, ...)

·  At Month end, in arrears

·  InterAct, FileAct and Browse

·  At Month end, in arrears

Recurring charges

·  Connectivity fees, Watches,

·  At Month end, in arrears

·  Solutions’ annual fees,

·  Yearly in advance

·  PKI Security ·  Quarterly in advance

·  Directories, User Handbooks

·  Yearly in advance


One Time Fees (Licence)

·  SwiftNet Link, Alliance interface, PC Connect, PKI certificates

·  At Month end, in arrears

·  Swift Training courses, Conferences, HSM’s,

·  At Month end, in arrears

How to understand these frequencies

  • Yearly in advance: Annual and maintenance charges are payable in advance. The Swift customers are invoiced in January for the total charge of the year. For new customers the annual charge is prorated till the end of the calendar year.
  • At month end in arrears: The customers are invoiced at the end of the month for the traffic volume, product and service fees delivered during the month.