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Do you struggle to coordinate timely distribution and use of standards releases, specifications and guidelines across your markets, relationships and processes? MyStandards gives financial institutions and their customers visibility and control.

MyStandards explained

Efficient, secure and reliable financial services depend heavily on internationally recognised MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards. But exact use of these standards varies considerably based on industry group or local market practices or bilateral guidelines between financial institutions, their partners and customers.

Managing all these standards releases, changes and specifications so that users and stakeholders are always up-to-date and coordinated can be a huge and costly challenge. MyStandards offers the solution.

MyStandards is a collaborative web platform where banks, securities firms, corporates and market infrastructures can centralise and manage their standards releases and specifications more efficiently across their markets and business processes.

MyStandards is an easy to use, online repository for all current and MT, MX and ISO 20022 base standards definitions. It’s also a platform for creating, publishing and sharing specifications and usage guidelines for users and customers to access in a choice of standard formats (PDF, Excel or XML schemas).

Users can easily browse content on MyStandards, analyse and compare versions and changes, or comment on drafts or proposed amendments, allowing them to stay up-to-date with all developments and requirements.

MyStandards is updated every two weeks with new information and small enhancements as part of our continuous improvement commitment.

The MyStandards suite

This powerful collaborative platform comprises a suite of products tailored to different needs.

  • MyStandards platform
    Provides easy access to all publicly available content on MyStandards plus guidelines that publishers have shared with you. You can register for Basic level access to MyStandards free of charge. For full publishing and editing features, choose the Premium service level.
  • Readiness Portal  
    The MyStandards Readiness Portal simplifies customer onboarding and migration by providing customer-facing standards testing capabilities. Customise it for your institution and your customers. Available for an additional annual subscription.
  • MT Standards Release Portal
    This portal provides analysis and testing tools to help you streamline the annual mandatory MT message updates. The MT Standards Release Portal is available as part of the Premium service or standalone.
  • Base Libraries
    Gives access to the base standards in machine-readable format.

Compare MyStandards Basic and Premium service features

  Basic Premium
Easily search a central repository of base standards and usage guidelines X X
Stay up-to-date with the latest standards release X X

User-friendly visualisation of messages at a business level

Create, Publish and share usage guidelines with version management   X
Offer your community multi-format documentation and powerful analytical features   X
Generate basic documentation for base standards and usage guidelines X X
Compare usage guidelines   X
Manage impact of new standards releases   X
Generate spreadsheets and XML schemas for base standards and usage guidelines   X
Maintain your own dedicated homepage and have branded documentation   X

Get up and running fast on MyStandards

Thoroughly implemented, MyStandards can deliver significant strategic benefits and cost savings to your organisation. To help you unlock the full potential of this powerful platform, we’ve put together a package of expert services to help you kick-start your MyStandards implementation, including:

  • Coaching for your teams
    A mix of ad hoc support, formal project reviews, benchmarking and best practice coaching, tailored to your needs.
  • Guidelines creation
    Get help with the nuts and bolts of creating your guidelines. We can coach your teams on formalising and standardising tasks – or save time by delegating a large part of this work to our experts.
  • Strategic planning and governance
    We’ll help you roll out MyStandards effectively across your organisation by analysing your requirements, helping to define ownership and collaboration approaches, and proposing an effective governance model.
  • We also offer a comprehensive range of standards training courses for your operational, product management, business analysts and IT personnel.

For more information on how we can support your MyStandards implementation for real strategic advantage, please contact us.