Isabelle Olivier | Swift Event speaker

Isabelle Olivier

Head of Initiatives & Market Infrastructures, EMEA, Swift

Isabelle Olivier joined Swift 16 years ago as Securities Business Manager. In 2004 she moved to Italy to manage the Swift office in Milan, as Head of South East Europe. In 2013, Isabelle took over the role of Head of Clearing & Settlement, developing the Swift Securities business in EMEA, and driving the T2S projects for Swift. Isabelle is now responsible for Securities Initiatives and Payments Market Infrastructures businesses in EMEA. Before joining Swift, Isabelle worked for 7 years for Euroclear Bank in Belgium, covering various Operations Management functions. Isabelle holds a Commercial Engineer degree from the IAG Univeristy of Louvain-la-Neuve and a Master in European Management (CEMS) obtained at the Italian Università Bocconi in Milan.