Michael Knorr

Head of Payments & Liquidity Management - Global Payments, Wells Fargo

Michael Knorr is Head of Global Payments & Liquidity Risk Management, Wells Fargo International Group. Michael has recently joined Well Fargo to manage operational, liquidity risk and multi-currency liability products in the Global Payments Services Team. Previously Michael was managing Enterprise Services for Citi Treasury & Trade Solutions which includes Global Billing, Core Banking, CRM and Fulfilment processes and Data Management & Analytics. Michael was responsible for connectivity products which provide core file and message based integration for ERP, Treasury Work Stations and core banking platforms via SWIFT and non-SWIFT channels. Various assignments for Citi in Chicago, London and New York allowed him to lead new market initiatives such as EMU, CLS and TARGET as well as create new products such in Payroll Cards, Commercial Cards, and Global Clearing. Michael has been a member of various industry groups such as the Global Payments Market Practice Group, SWIFT US Cash and Trade Sub-Committee, X.9, and the Fedwire Wholesale Committee. Michael holds an MBA in Finance and Information Services from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. He earned his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Duisburg, Germany. Michael represents the US community.