SWIFT Membership

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Activation and recommended start dates

The recommended start dates do not include the time necessary for the National Member Group (NMG) to verify the eligibility criteria of the applicants and to communicate it to the SWIFT Membership Management. Once received, The SWIFT Membership Management then presents; this result to the SWIFT Board of Directors for final approval. This process can take several weeks.

Please select your infrastructure to see the list of recommended start dates, readiness deadlines, and activation dates. These dates provide the shortest possible timeline to go live for new customers that select one of the Alliance Kits.

Private infrastructure
Shared connection
Shared infrastructure
Join Documents Order Install Test Readiness Activation date
2-Sep-16 23-Sep-16 30-Sep-16 28-Oct-16 4-Nov-16 18-Nov-16 3-Dec-16
7-Oct-16 28-Oct-16 4-Nov-16 2-Dec-16 9-Dec-16 23-Dec-16 7-Jan-17
4-Nov-16 25-Nov-16 2-Dec-16 30-Dec-16 6-Jan-17 20-Jan-17 4-Feb-17
2-Dec-16 23-Dec-16 30-Dec-16 27-Jan-17 3-Feb-17 17-Feb-17 4-Mar-17
30-Dec-16 20-Jan-17 27-Jan-17 24-Feb-17 3-Mar-17 17-Mar-17 1-Apr-17
3-Feb-17 24-Feb-17 3-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 7-Apr-17 21-Apr-17 6-May-17
3-Mar-17 24-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 28-Apr-17 5-May-17 19-May-17 3-Jun-17
31-Mar-17 21-Apr-17 28-Apr-17 26-May-17 2-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 1-Jul-17
5-May-17 26-May-17 2-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 7-Jul-17 21-Jul-17 5-Aug-17
2-Jun-17 23-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 28-Jul-17 4-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 2-Sep-17
7-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 4-Aug-17 1-Sep-17 8-Sep-17 22-Sep-17 7-Oct-17
4-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 1-Sep-17 29-Sep-17 6-Oct-17 20-Oct-17 4-Nov-17