SWIFT Membership

Welcome to the world of SWIFT. Let’s start the journey together

Follow these steps to go live on SWIFT and become part of our community.

1. Complete the joining form

Start your application by completing our non-contractual Join SWIFT form. One of our regional sales representatives will contact you to define and evaluate your needs.

The person named on the form will be your registered point of contact throughout the onboarding process. More information can be found in the Quick Starter Guide (pdf).

2. Acknowledge commercial quotation

After a preliminary eligibility check, we will create your access to our online tools. You will need to create a password and log in to acknowledge the commercial quotation defined by you and your sales representative in the onboarding application. This acknowledgment is required to proceed with your application.

If you have submitted a previous onboarding request, you will not need to reset your password.

More information can be found in Quick Starter Guide (pdf).

3. Provide data and legal documents

We will initiate checks to verify whether your company is eligible to become a SWIFT user. We will also ask you to upload documents to our onboarding page to support your application.

As part of the validation process, we may seek information from the National Member Group in your country and from the local regulator or authorities.

You will also need to complete our technical configuration/undertaking form, which is your official contract with SWIFT. The form should be printed, signed and sent to S.W.I.F.T. SCRL, Customer Care, Avenue Adèle n°1, 1310, La Hulpe, Belgium.

4. Legal approval and BIC creation

Once your documents have been validated, we will confirm acceptance of your application. We will also confirm your Business Identifier Code (BIC) and your SWIFT user category which will determine which SWIFT products and services you can order and use.

Acceptance of an application is not effective unless confirmed in writing by SWIFT and by the applicant.

5. Place order

Upon acceptance, we will prepare the draft order(s) based on your quotation (if applicable). The draft order(s) will be accessed by SWIFT administrators who will review and approve the final order(s). For more information, see our swift.com administrator guidelines (pdf).

6. Confirmation

You will now be ready to implement and install your chosen connectivity and interface products. We will help you define a technical implementation project plan. SWIFT Consulting Services can also assist with the on-site installation and configuration. You will then be able to test your connection.

With your SWIFT connection implemented and tested to your satisfaction, you will formally confirm that you are ready to go live on the onboarding page. You will then be assigned a go-live date in accordance with your planning and the SWIFT activation dates calendar. On that date, you will be able to start setting up business relationships and sending live messages.

This confirmation is not applicable to Alliance Lite2, which has a weekly activation timeframe.


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