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Watch Traffic Analytics

Comprehensive analysis and reporting of your group-wide Swift message volumes

Table of contents

Track your markets and operations

Traffic Analytics offers access to all your group-wide sent and received FIN, InterAct and FileAct message volumes,  detailed analysis by message type, BIC, counterparty and geography over time.

Track the evolution of your payments, FX, trade finance and securities business in each of your markets and with key partners. Spot trends and monitor the effectiveness of your operations. 

You can also view your data against aggregated Swift totals, allowing you to determine your activity share in different markets and benchmark your performance against the industry.

By analysing your Swift traffic volumes you can build a clear view of your markets and operations to help your decision making.


For example, Traffic Analytics helps you to:

  • Track the evolution of your business
  • Monitor and measure operational flows
  • Evaluate counterparties and business partners
  • Assess new services and strategies
  • Benchmark your performance against Swift totals  
  • Improve operational efficiency

Data is available for the previous three years, plus year to date, and is updated monthly.

Watch Traffic

Gain insights into your markets and operations through analysis of your global message volumes and costs.

Powerful analysis and reporting

With Traffic Analytics you benefit from the powerful Watch Analytics online analysis and reporting tool. Use the Watch wizard drag and drop interface to query the data through multiple dimensions, select and organise the results and produce highly tailored reports.  

There’s also a library of graphical views, including graphs, charts and a world-wide footprint of geographical distribution, which can be tailored by filtering your data.

Update and share your results

Once you have the results you need, you can export them to Excel or other applications for further processing or integration into your existing analysis environment.

It’s easy to update and share reports, templates and graphical views ready for presentations and management reporting.

Secure, reliable, neutral data

The Watch platform provides secure, online access to unique, factual and neutral data and powerful analysis. There is no software to install on your systems, making it quick and easy to get up and running.

Your unique Swift message volume data is held securely on our servers and only available to you via secure access.

Swift total volumes are aggregated and anonymous.