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Table of contents

Inside Innovation - Future of Finance

Financial services in 2030

Despite the turmoil that the pandemic has caused in both our personal and professional lives, the financial services industry has found opportunities of working across all levels of the ecosystem. The situation has unlocked new sources of value for those players nimble enough to meet new demands from consumers and businesses that have leveraged technology to adapt to the new normal.

  • Richard Turrin, Industry leader in fintech and digital transformation

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  • Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer, 10x Future Technologies

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  • Brett King, Futurist, Best Selling Author, and Founder and Executive Chairman, Moven

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Overcoming the innovation challenge

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to continually evolve to better serve the needs of their customers. But while innovation is essential in building the next generation of financial services, innovating without a clear purpose drains resources and comes with a clear opportunity cost. Research has found that whilst CEOs are often eager to innovate, nine in ten are unhappy with the value it delivers to their businesses.

Watch this session to hear from leading innovators from across the financial ecosystem on how to align your innovation efforts with business strategy to deliver value.

  • Antonio U. De Lorenzo, Head of ING Labs Singapore, ING
  • Nigel Dobson, Banking Services Portfolio Lead, ANZ
  • Xueguan Lin, General Manager, Interbank and Asset Management, MyBank
  • Rebecca Martin, Head of Programmes & Strategy, Singapore Fintech Festival

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  • Stephen Richardson, Vice President, Head of Product Strategy & Business Solutions, Fireblocks
  • Simon Jones, Chief Customer Officer, ClearBank
  • Gulru Atak, Business Development – Innovation Lead, Citi Institutional Clients Group
  • Vikesh Patel, Head of Americas, UK & Ireland (Ad interim), Swift

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  • Steven Wager, Head of Direct Markets, BNY Mellon
  • Daragh Morrissey, Director- Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft WW Financial services
  • Matthew Loos, Head of Corporate Development Strategy and Market Intelligence, Swift

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Redefining payments

The rise of the digital economy and proliferation of new technologies is presenting new challenges and opportunities across the payments industry. Digital first is no longer an option but a necessity for today’s consumers and businesses. Many domestic payment systems are already innovating to improve efficiency, whilst enabling competition through opening access to new entrants. Institutions are re-examining the fundamentals of how value is exchanged, and stored, with half of the world’s central banks actively considering the introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In parallel, the Swift community is delivering an exciting strategic roadmap to enable instant, frictionless cross-border, account-to-account payments.

In this session we bring together a cross-section of major financial institutions to debate how best to redefine the payments experience and meet the needs of a changing world.

  • Praveena Rai, Chief Operating Officer, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
  • Michael Moon, Global Strategy Lead, Swift 
  • Rebecca Martin, Head of Programmes & Strategy, Singapore Fintech Festival

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  • Sean Sargison, Global Head of Innovation, Swift
  • Gerald Gruber, Chief Commercial Officer, bunq
  • Giuseppe Bruni, Head of Eurosystem Market Infrastructures, Banca d’Italia
  • Isabel Woodford, Senior Reporter, Sifted

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  • Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer, Swift
  • Kimwood Mott, Project Manager, Digital Currency Implementation, Central Bank of The Bahamas
  • Thomas Nilsson, Member of CPMI Secretariat, BIS
  • Jean Chatzky, CEO, HerMoney

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Inside Innovation - Transformative Technologies

Delivering digital experiences today

While investing in the future is essential, institutions are under unprecedented pressure to deliver better customer experiences right now. To make this happen, firms need to combine ‘shovel-ready’ technologies, such as APIs and cloud computing, with the right business models, operational efficiency, security and privacy. In parallel, institutions also need to get their data in order – ensuring they have easy access to rich, structured data sets that can be mined to develop more personalised and human-centric services.

Watch this session to hear from players from across the industry, on how they are meeting this challenge and delivering digital experiences to their customers today.

  • Dr Jie Xu, Deputy General Manager of Transaction Banking Department, China Minsheng Bank
  • Makoto Shibata, Head of FINOLAB, Chief Community Officer, FINOLAB Inc.
  • Atul Bhuchar, Group Payments Head, Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank
  • Michael Moon, Global Strategy Lead, Swift

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  • Ben Shepherd, Chief Strategy Officer, LSEG
  • Kerstin Montiegel, Global Head Client Connectivity, Deutsche Bank
  • Sean Sarginson, Global Head of Innovation, Swift

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  • Ben Weiss, Banking Industry Lead, AWS
  • Irene Arias, CEO, IDB Lab
  • Renato Ejnisman, CEO, Banco Next
  • Ignacio Blanco, Head of New Payment Flows Strategy and Strategic Transformation Office, Swift

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Harnessing the power of emerging technologies

New technologies such as AI & Machine Learning, DLT, Cryptography, Virtual & Augmented Reality, among many others, are already demonstrating their immense potential to transform the customer experience and unlock new sources of value. Yet a great deal of R&D needs to be completed by players from across the financial ecosystem before such technologies are ready to be deployed at scale in truly mission-critical applications.

Watch this session to gain insights from renowned futurist on the emerging technologies that will drive the industry forward fastest in the years to come.

  • Lindsay Herbert, Author of ‘Digital Transformation’

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Applying AI to Swift’s unique global transaction data - The perfect blend?

Thanks to its unique position at the heart of the financial industry, Swift plays a vital role in bring our community together to explore the technologies and shared approaches to address mutual challenges. When an emerging technology shows promise, Swift focus its efforts on leveraging it for our community. Join this session to hear how Swift is applying AI and Machine Learning to unique global transaction data, in order to discover actionable insights that can help solve existing and emerging challenges across financial services – all without compromising the integrity of transaction data or the privacy of our users.

  • Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer, Swift
  • Kelly Switt, Global Sr Director, Financial Services Strategy, Ecosystem & Strategic Partnerships, Red Hat
  • Gene Reznik, General Manager, Industries and Alliances,

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Inside Innovation - Power of Partnerships

Innovate with Swift: Build the future of financial services, together

Swift has a pivotal role to play in helping the industry succeed from shared solutions that result in far-reaching change. In addition to bringing a range of exciting new services to our customers, our platform approach will allow our community, and trusted third parties, to innovate and co-create new products and services with us. Join this session to learn more about our partnership community to deliver purpose-led innovation, at scale – and how you can help us build the next generation of financial services.

  • Nick Kerigan, Head of Innovation Execution, Swift
  • Tsvetomir Vassilev, Head of User Experience, Swift

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  • Nick Kerigan, Head of Innovation Execution, Swift
  • Jade Batstone, Global Innovation Manager, Swift

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  • Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer, Swift
  • Gaby Sulbaran, Global Head of Platform Partnerships, Swift

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The building blocks of collaboration

Financial services are at crossroads, where incumbent organisations are embracing the changes being accelerated by digital transformation and new entrants. The advantages to collaboration and partnership include a new cultural perspective on innovation, as well as ways to become both more responsive and agile. These financial institutions can benefit from viewing fintech companies as innovative, disruptive businesses from which they can learn from by adopting some of their methods and even partnering with leading fintech firms. Taking these steps could usher in an era where collaboration (not competition) helps spur the growth of both traditional and fintech players– including an improved consumer experience, reduced costs, new opportunities for growth and potentially the ticket to long term survival.

  • John Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Azupay
  • Shirish Wadivkar, Managing Director, Global Head, Correspondent Banking Products, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Rebecca Martin, Head of Programmes & Strategy, Singapore Fintech Festival

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  • Craig Ramsay, Global Head of Innovation and Partnerships, Global Liquidity & Cash Management, HSBC
  • Janine Hirt, Interim CEO, Innovate Finance
  • Professor Alf Rehn, Professor of innovation, design and management, Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark
  • Isabel Woodford, Senior Reporter, Sifted

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  • Chris Noe, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Wells Fargo
  • Josh Goines, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development,
  • Jean Chatzky, CEO, HerMoney

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