Swift at Sibos

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Swift strategy overview: Capital markets

Our new strategic will support the securities business of financial institutions through instant and frictionless transactions. Our roadmap for securities is set to bring about a step change in the business experience; allow access to deeper data insights than ever before; and provide end-to-end visibility of transactions to reduce settlement fails and fines. In this session, senior Swift and industry leaders guide you through our new strategy, why it is timely, and the significant benefits to your business. 


  • Jason Brasile, Vice President, State Street
  • Göran Fors, Deputy Head of Investor Services, SEB
  • Lisa O'Connor, Head of Capital Markets Strategy, Swift (moderator)
  • Gerard Smith, Head of Post Trade Business Development, HKEX
  • Russ Stamey, Global Services, Northern Trust
  • David Watson, Chief Strategy Officer, Swift

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