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Reference Data Management Maturity: Ripe for Change

Navigating FATF Recommendation 16

Article is reprinted from ACAMS Today - The Magazine for Career-Minded Professionals in the Anti-Money Laundering Field


Global securities reporting: Industry trends, challenges and future perspectives


SWIFT and Accenture outline path to Distributed Ledger Technology

New paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of distributed ledger technology in financial services; identifies key factors for success


SWIFT expands FX portfolio with new Business Insights information service

HSBC is first to adopt the new service, which provides for the ability to measure performance over time based upon activity share

What’s new for CSDs

SWIFT is enhancing its value proposition for CSDs and their participants by developing a community offering, which includes standards, products and services...

SWIFT broadens, deepens its financial crime compliance services portfolio

Utility services help banks address regulatory change and evolving needs throughout the correspondent banking relationship lifecycle.
26 September 2016

Sibos 2016 Geneva

Discover how SWIFT is making real world change for the financial industry


SWIFT successfully completes first phase of global payments innovation initiative pilot

Global banks prepare for gpi go-live in early 2017

United Arab Emirates shows stellar growth in RMB adoption

Special edition of SWIFT’s RMB Tracker for Sibos 2016 shows new frontiers for RMB internationalisation in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

SWIFT introduces mandatory customer security requirements and an associated assurance framework

Standards and framework will be applicable to all SWIFT customers

SWIFT to launch new hosted Name Screening service

The new service will enhance compliance efforts for financial institutions and corporates through fast and accurate name screening against a variety of...

SWIFT gpi: The future of cross-border payments

One year on from Sibos in Singapore and the progress of the global payments innovation (gpi) initiative can now be measured in...

Scaling up on compliance

Financial crime compliance has risen steadily up the agenda of global industry regulators since 2008. SWIFT is keeping pace accordingly.

Financial Crime Compliance

When it comes to financial crime compliance, we understand the challenges of mitigating risks and costs. Our solutions are the result of working closely with our customers to understand and address their needs.

Keeping SWIFT safe

Protecting against cyber-threats requires increased collaboration between IT and Operations functions, both within SWIFT and across the SWIFT community

SWIFT’s ISO 20022 harmonisation project moves forward

Financial market infrastructures move to the next stage of harmonisation, while key payments and securities market practice groups support the initiative

Welcome to Geneva!

As SWIFT’s chief executive for the EMEA region, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Sibos back to Geneva.

SWIFT examines application of financial business standards to distributed ledger technology and smart contracts

New paper highlights opportunity for financial industry to coordinate efforts using common messaging and data standards

Five additional central securities depositories go live on T2S using SWIFT

Euroclear’s ESES CSDs, VP SECURITIES and VP LUX complete successful migration to T2S using SWIFT’s Value Added Network solution

SWIFT Institute

This organisation funds and publishes a broad range of cutting-edge research, encouraging collaboration between thought leaders in finance and academia

Cyber threat requires industry-wide cooperation

Alain Desausoi underlines the importance of constant vigilance, physical and logical security, and information sharing at Financial Times conference

The Banker: Interview with Gottfried Leibbrandt

SWIFT CEO speaks about correspondent banking and challenges affecting the industry

SWIFT announces new security tool to strengthen customer fraud controls

Helping customer detect fraudulent payments

Distributed Ledger Technology – the next frontier for business standards

MI forum Magazine: our latest article on the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT)

De-risking in the Caribbean

Risk mitigation, standardisation and transparency, the future of the Caribbean financial community


Where today’s financial leaders and tomorrow’s big thinkers unite to accelerate the development and spread of innovation.


Argentina’s CSD joins SWIFT to support the nation’s capital markets revitalisation

SWIFT helps Argentina’s market infrastructure growth plans by providing automation and global access

Re-assessing the risks

Serving low-risk clients in high-risk markets is made harder by financial crime compliance obligations, but not impossible

Cyber security in the financial industry

Join the cyber conversation. Watch this four-part series examining cyber security in the financial industry: learn about the threats, the risks, and...

SWIFT’s Sanctions Screening service exceeds 500 customers

Cooperative sees validation of the hosted utility model for compliance services

Virtual currencies unlikely to crowd out fiat currencies, according to new research

New research from the SWIFT Institute assesses whether the global financial community is accepting Bitcoin as a valid currency.

Welcome to the new SWIFT for Corporates

The SWIFT for Corporates microsite site is now fully integrated with the swift.com master site. Corporate customers now have access to full...

UniCredit streamlines know your customer data collection with SWIFT’s KYC Registry

As an early adopter of The KYC Registry, UniCredit is actively encouraging other institutions to join the platform

Portugal is the T2S poster child

MI Forum Magazine: Interview on the Portuguese transition to Target2-Securities

Central Banking Journal focusses on SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme

Gottfried Leibbrandt highlights the importance of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP) in supporting its customers reinforce their cyber security

Transaction filtering, systems testing and annual certification: driving business benefits

SWIFT paper outlines implications of new DFS regulation, and the potential for banks to develop ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and...

RMB continues to penetrate the South African market

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows that RMB usage across South Africa has more than doubled in volumes over the past two years

De-risking in Africa on the rise, according to latest SWIFT data

SWIFT data shows that banks around the world are reducing their correspondent banking relationships with a focus on perceived higher-risk jurisdictions, including...

RMA and RMA Plus: managing correspondent connections

New SWIFT paper explains how you can better understand, manage and mitigate operational, compliance and fraud risks in line with industry recommendations

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