SWIFT Scope for intraday liquidity reporting

Learn how SWIFT can help to implement the new intraday liquidity requirements

The new Basel requirements (BCBS 248 framework) on intraday liquidity exposure imply that all transactions affecting the liquidity positions on banks’ accounts have to be monitored and reported to the regulator

However, the lack of industry practice and the maturity of the requirements make it very challenging for banks to implement the requirements effectively, respecting the Basel timeline (not later than 1st of January 2017).

As you may know, SWIFT has designed a pragmatic end-to-end solution allowing banks to overcome these challenges and become regulatory compliant within the imposed timeframe. Our solution is modular, highly flexible, and easy to implement. It includes all data eligible for intraday liquidity and is fully aligned with BCBS requirements for intraday monitoring tools.

Our webinar will provide clarity and guidance on the scope of regulatory requirements, technical components of SWIFT’s solution and different implementation models. It is also an opportunity for you to raise questions that are relevant to you and your institution.

Session agenda

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