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Welcome to the new SWIFT for Corporates

Welcome to the new SWIFT for Corporates

30 August 2016

The SWIFT for Corporates microsite site is now fully integrated with the master site. Corporate customers now have access to full breadth of SWIFT offerings online.

One positive step always begets another.

On the heels of the new launch in January, we are proud to announce that our SWIFT for Corporates pages can now be found at the same address.

Last year, we mapped out a plan to refresh and improve A key part of that plan was bringing each microsite into the fold.

Now, SWIFT for Corporates is fully integrated with the master site, which provides the key benefit of having more comprehensive, consistent information about our complete suite of solutions for corporate-to-bank activities.

On the SWIFT for Corporates landing page you will find nine orientation boxes, each providing information on a specific solution we provide, such as Financial Crime Compliance or Trade Digitisation.

Each topic contains a document centre that is rich with fact sheets and case studies. Simpler navigation tools also make it easier to find the solutions you need. Find what you need, when you need it.

From 3SKey to Bank Readiness or Connectivity, you decide which topics you want to explore in greater depth. As part of the project, the Common Global Implementation Market Practice (CGI-MP) group now also has a home within the Standards section of the site.

A more structured delivery means you can find products or services you might have missed before. Through our enhanced web presence, we hope to help you optimise your financial operations.

That’s why we will track the usability of each page and continually improve your online experience.

We will also continue to develop content and services relevant to your unique needs.


For questions or comments, please use the feedback form. We will continue to improve the site with your input.

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