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SWIFT for Corporates continues to gain traction in Asia Pacific with 29 new connections

SWIFT for Corporates continues to gain traction in Asia Pacific with 29 new connections

9 May 2016

A significant increase of corporations join SWIFT in Asia Pacific to communicate with their banking partners around the globe

SWIFT announces that 29 new corporates in Asia Pacific have joined the co-operative from May 2015 to December 2015.

SWIFT provides a single communication channel for corporates to exchange financial information with all their domestic and global banks. This allows corporations to gain value from additional global visibility and maximum efficiency from their financial and treasury operations. Through the connection with SWIFT, they are able to collect and achieve greater automation through standardisation.

Today, more than 1,500 corporate groups are already on SWIFT globally, representing an estimated 30,000 underlying legal entities that are using SWIFT to manage multiple banking relationships. The past year had results of a great expansion in SWIFT’s engagement with its corporate customers. Compared to the first half of 2015, the second half increased its number of corporates who joined SWIFT by 50% making Asia Pacific the fastest growing region of new corporate connectivity. Besides the multi-national corporates we are also pleased to welcome Cgnpc and Max Money who have connected in order to take advantage of SWIFT for Corporates offerings.
Below are some of the new corporates that joined in second half of 2015 representing 7 countries include:


Air China Limited


Finance Company Ltd Of Ansteel Group


Konka Group Company Limited


Volkswagen (China) Investment Company Limited


Yanfeng Global Automotive Interior Systems Co.



Nomura Research Institute Ltd.


Ricoh Company Ltd.


The Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd.

Hong Kong:

CGNPC Huasheng Investment Limited


Max Money Sdn Bhd


Tata Consultancy Services Ltd




Singapore Power Limited


Hyundai Mobis Co, Ltd


Lotte Data Communication Company


Hotel Lotte Co, Ltd (Duty Free)


Samsung Engineering Co, Ltd

Eddie Haddad, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, SWIFT says: “I am pleased to welcome more corporate groups to join SWIFT. We have been working very hard to assist corporates of all sizes to reduce costs, manage risks whilst increase operational efficiency and visibility in all of their treasury operations. With this new wave of corporate groups joining us, the benefits are clearly pervasive across treasury professionals and we are glad this offering is permeating across all segments in Asia Pacific.”

The Overseas integration building Task Force Team of Lotte Duty Free says “Lotte Duty Free is the top leading corporation in the Korean duty free business. As a global business player with operations in Asia Pacific and United States, we are currently aiming for a country by country roll-out plan targeting communication with all our banking partners through an automated environment to increase our efficiencies in operations and management. After a successful implementation in the Japan market, it had proven that having a SWIFT connectivity clearly benefited us. We are now able to gain global cash visibility, minimise operational risks, and align a single platform that enables communication to all our banks globally with distinct international standards. We expect that SWIFT will become a key business partner in our global business expansion”.

About SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT for Corporates offers a wide and growing range of products and services for multi-banked corporates to connect with banks and financial institutions through a single, secure and reliable channel. SWIFT provides corporate treasurers and finance managers global visibility on cash and trade, lower cost of financial transactions and improved security and reliability. SWIFT for Corporates also includes additional capabilities such as Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)/Trade Services Utility (TSU), 3SKey, SWIFTRef, MyStandards and Sanctions Screening. For more information, visit