5 October 2016

New SWIFTSmart modules released today with focus on security

SWIFT publishes a series of SWIFTSmart eLearning modules as part of Customer Security Programme

As announced at Sibos 2016 in Geneva, SWIFT has published a series of SWIFTSmart eLearning modules. These are a critical part of the Customer Security Programme launched in May 2016. 60 new eLearning modules and ‘How to’ videos are now available for all SWIFT customers with a MySWIFT login. The series will ensure that customers are able operate their SWIFT environment securely and in-line with best practice.
The SWIFT Customer Security Programme was launched in May 2016 with an aim to reinforce and evolve the security of global banking in the face of ever-increasing cyber threat, consolidating and building upon existing SWIFT and industry efforts. Security awareness and information sharing form a critical pillar of the programme. SWIFT is committed to keeping customers informed of any preventative and detective measures to help safeguard the community.
The eLearning modules are part of SWIFTSmart, which will act as an important channel to increasing security awareness and will be made available to all SWIFT members later this year, as announced at Sibos. SWIFTSmart is an interactive, cloud-based service that provides a full catalogue of online courses, from basic introductions to SWIFT to advanced instructions on payment systems. The service enables customers to educate and train their staff anytime, anywhere and from any device.
The new series of modules is dedicated to security awareness. It includes introductory courses to SWIFT Connectivity, Security and Software Solutions as well as security best practice courses for different SWIFT users.  Additionally, in-depth training modules are available on Alliance Access, RMA, PKI and HSM. You can find the full series here.

To help increase awareness outside of the SWIFT community, we have also launched an education page on swiftinstitute.org where several eLearning modules such as connectivity and cybersecurity are publically available.

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