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Life and work in Kuala Lumpur – a conversation with Tanguy Thiran

Life and work in Kuala Lumpur – a conversation with Tanguy Thiran

27 April 2016

Life and work in Kuala Lumpur

Over a year after his move to Kuala Lumpur, Tanguy Thiran, a Senior Recruiter at SWIFT, updates us on his experience so far and the fast-paced work life in the Malaysian capital city.

For Tanguy Thiran, a Senior Recruiter at SWIFT, finding the right talent for the job at hand is both a challenge and a passion. No stranger to the nuances of different regions, Tanguy has worked in Canada, Belgium and, most recently, Malaysia. Upon his latest move to Kuala Lumpur, we took a moment to catch up with Tanguy on life in SWIFT’s fastest growing office.

Q: You have recently moved to the SWIFT office in Kuala Lumpur. Can you tell us more about what drove this decision?

A: I previously had the chance to spend time in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, helping with the opening of the local facility and supporting the HR team with all the recruitment activities and processes. At that time, I received a very warm welcome and I immediately loved the environment and the colleagues. The office had opened only a few months before I arrived so the atmosphere was very vibrant. We were living in a “start-up” mood where everyone was working very hard and felt part of a great experience.

That was my first contact with the SWIFT Malaysia office, and when I returned in August 2015 for a permanent role, I realised that the atmosphere was exactly the same! The Kuala Lumpur office is among the youngest in terms of average age (28-30). And it is still filled with the same start-up spirit that I came across on my first visit.

Professionally speaking, this move to Kuala Lumpur represents a great challenge for me: SWIFT is growing and seeking to balance its geographical presence over all continents This is leading to intense recruitment activities in Malaysia, with a number of activities moving or expanding here. We are looking at hiring between 100 and 150 people per year for the next 2-3 years.

In some cases we will have to set up entirely new teams, looking at the most talented individuals and how they can fit and interact with other colleagues. There are workplace dynamics to consider and it is very important to find the right people—individuals who are not only skilled, but who also suit the work environment. It is not an easy task, but it is definitely exciting!

Why don’t you explore and make the most out the international experience? This is what I told myself while working in Canada for three years. I now carry this sentiment to Malaysia.