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Harnessing timely data for better FX decisions

Harnessing timely data for better FX decisions

29 January 2015

Today SWIFT announces the publication of a new information paper that demonstrates how SWIFT’s FX confirmation data can offer a timely and rich additional source of information for FX market analysts. By looking at the established benchmark report in the industry – the triennial BIS survey – this paper confirms many of their findings against SWIFT data, and also offer further insights into past FX developments.

Data is the lifeblood of effective analysis, and this is especially true of OTC FX markets. Today, FX analysts have access to a wide range of high quality data sources, but the timeliness of data can be a challenge, especially given rapidly changing market conditions.

This paper should be very interesting to those in the SWIFT community with an interest in the FX markets – and tackles some key questions about FX trading trends, with analysis of SWIFT data showing a clear and substantial pattern of growth in emerging market currency trading, as well as distinct differences in the internationalisation of emerging market currencies, such as the RMB.

We were ourselves impressed at the quality and richness of information that was yielded by a fairly simple analysis of SWIFT FX confirmation flows. More detailed analysis is certainly possible, which could provide customers with unrivalled insights into the global FX markets.

— Joe Halberstadt, Head of FX and Derivatives Markets at SWIFT

By analysing SWIFT data using SWIFT’s Business Intelligence solutions, FX market analysts can get more timely insights into key trends in global FX trading, which is particularly pressing at this current time of rapidly fluctuating trading volumes where up-to-date data about emerging market currencies is needed to carry out effective analysis.

These new insights can be used by FX market practitioners as a complement to other data sources, to analyse market trends, perform benchmarking and to increase understanding of FX market dynamics to support better business decisions.

Download the report here:

Harnessing timely data for better FX decisions

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