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Deutsche Bank raises expertise in “SWIFT for Corporates”

Deutsche Bank raises expertise in “SWIFT for Corporates”

29 April 2016

Deutsche Bank continued its global training programme for "SWIFT for Corporates" in 2015, with certification achieved in five locations across three continents. More than 300 employees worldwide have now been certified.

The third round of the certification programme organised by Deutsche Bank and SWIFT took place in 2015. In total, approximately 150 employees in Frankfurt, New York, Singapore, Jaipur and Bangalore completed the two-and-half day seminar and passed the subsequent certification test.

This continuous investment in employee skills and qualifications underlines Deutsche Bank's commitment to SWIFT and its intention to provide clients with the best service possible. Employees from different areas, including Sales, Client Implementation, Product Management, IT and Operations, took part in the training sessions. This newly-acquired expertise will benefit the Bank's clients throughout the entire onboarding process.

"The SWIFT seminar enables us to better understand the full range of services offered to corporate clients. Anyone who has undertaken this training is better placed to present SWIFT solutions in detail to clients and explain suitable SWIFT communication options," said Michael Gentilella, Head of Client Integration Consultant Team in Americas, Implementations and Service, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank AG.

"Our corporate clients will benefit from our employees' enhanced expertise. As the leading "SWIFT for Corporates" bank, it is essential that we are able to support our clients with the necessary skills across the entire onboarding process to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Our employees can use their in-depth knowledge during the sales and implementation process as well as in day-to-day SWIFT requests. I am sure that this certification series will not be the last of its kind and I look forward to further training sessions with SWIFT in the future."

- David Watson, Head of Product Development, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank AG