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Advanced Functional Enrichment for AMH is delivered  by Release 3.4

Advanced Functional Enrichment for AMH is delivered by Release 3.4

Interfaces and Integration,
14 April 2016

A number of features and enhancements are delivered in the March 2016 release that further elevates the performance of AMH, providing additional benefits for customers across the community.

The AMH 3.4 release provides new capability for customers across the financial community, while supporting the operational requirements of specific customers like the processing of Target2 Securities transactions, for RTGS customers.

Key enhancements include:

Advanced Business Duplicate Check

New functionality includes: enabling definition of duplicate profiles checks providing better and more flexible exception handling as well addressing specific needs – like those of some RTGS for inclusion of business period and calendar definitions, so that no two messages can have the same subset of identical business fields within a defined number of business days.

Business Matching

New matching enhancements reinforce AMH as a better alternative for middleware applications. It now facilitates the synchronisation of flows between related messages in AMH to keep track of complex transaction legs.

Interactive Adapters

This new Request/Response adapter enhances the integration capability of AMH. It is used when external applications are invoked during the message flow, as a generalization of the connectivity to any Sanction Screening service, or to perform a data lookup to an external reference data set or business table to enrich the transaction content. AMH will act on the response provided by the application and then it will continue to process the workflow with the enriched transaction with decision points on advanced transformations or routing to a specific network or back-office.

T2S Business Signature Support

The new service in AMH helps customers exchange Target 2 Securities messages over SWIFTNet. The T2S signature is now supported in the Alliance portfolio (Access and AMH) and makes it easy for a business application to generate and sign the business payload before sending to T2S.

User interface Enhancement for Message Approval

Customers who use a two stage (four eyes) approval process to verify changes/repairs to a message made by a user will be facilitated by AMH 3.4.  A table summarising all the relevant message details before and after a change is available to the Approver, while all changes are visible in the message history. We expect that exception handling and approval flow will be significantly optimized and performed faster with this addition.

Multiple Authentication Support  (LDAP domains)

The new release allows more configuration flexibility and better recovery services enabling the parallel use of multiple authentication providers for different groups of users on the same AMH instance.

Reference Data Enhancement

AMH now supports the daily upload of the Banking Directory Plus files from the SWIFTRef application, as well as the monthly update.

For more detailed information contact your SWIFT Account Manager.