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Building a culture of security

The need to make Security part of your corporate DNA by building a culture of security in all areas of your organisation has never been more critical.
Whether your staff are involved in reinforcing the protection of your critical infrastructures and applications against evolving threats, or in meeting more demanding auditing and regulatory requirements, awareness of the important part they play is key to effective defences.

In this plenary session, SWIFT and Industry experts will discuss how you can foster a sense of ownership so that everyone involved in managing critical environments is ready to embrace their critical role.

Audience: All delegates

Operational incidents – Managing from the centre

Preparing for and managing operational incidents is a critical part of developing a successful infrastructure strategy. At SWIFT, when issues become – or have the potential to become – serious or with business impact, the Command Centre is the central point of control and coordination, making sure SWIFT manages operational incidents effectively. It is a fundamental part of SWIFT, and plays a vital role in coordinating the various departments involved.

In this session, you will hear from SWIFT and from your peers about Command Centre management and the evolution of the role of Command Centre. Through a simulation exercise, you will then discuss with your peers how to best handle incidents.

Audience: Anyone involved in managing, or setting up processes to manage, operational incidents

Maintaining critical environments - Balancing change with availability

Increasing pressure to have systems available 24/7, alongside the need to keep those same systems up-to-date, makes balancing these two often conflicting forces a challenge to all of us.
How do you and SWIFT meet the challenges involved in managing such infrastructure? What are the key elements which allow us all to strike the balance between providing maximum availability whilst applying the changes necessary to maintain secure and reliable environments?

Please join us in this interactive session to hear from your peers and from SWIFT, and share your expertise as we discuss the challenges of deploying and managing systems with 24/7 availability.

Audience: Anyone involved in planning, managing or implementing change in business critical environments

SWIFT Reporting – Getting the most out of the available tools

Financial institutions are under a lot of pressure to report on their performance, both internally and externally (e.g. regulators).
SWIFT Premium Suite customers benefit from various tools to help with such reporting: Availability Reports, Leased Line Usage Reports, Support Usage Reports, Online Operations Manager, as well as based reports.

The purpose of this session is two-fold:

1. To make sure that you get the most out of these reports: How to access, read and interpret them.
2. To explore new types of reports that SWIFT might feature in the future, present them to you and determine which of these reports would bring the most value to your institution.

Join us for 90 minutes to master the tools that are available today, but also to voice your requirements about what you need to get from SWIFT tomorrow!

Audience: Business and technical audience given the wide variety of available reports, but with a slightly stronger technical focus.

Capacity planning – Future proofing your infrastructure

Do you want to ensure the capacity of your infrastructure is aligned for both current and future predicted traffic volumes? Are you planning to introduce a new service, application or product that will generate FileAct or InterAct traffic growth on top of your current volumes? Then this session is for you. We will look at how SWIFT can help with your capacity planning, and share the experiences of customers when it comes to capacity planning within their organisation. 

Audience: Those responsible for infrastructure and infrastructure reviews

Collective Intelligence Cafés

Collective intelligence is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, or the collective effort of individuals.   By that definition collective intelligence has been around for a very long time in families, in companies, in countries and at the Premium Service Forum. 

The Collective Intelligence Cafés will take place as one plenary session where a variety of operational topics are discussed in parallel and you can choose which topics you would like to participate in.  The same topics will be repeated three times to allow you to attend several discussions.  Amongst the range of topics we will cover are monitoring Alliance Access and Gateway, how you can reduce maintenance windows, …..
We hope that this format will allow you to share your own unique experiences, and benefit from hearing about how others do things. We look forward to a lively, collaborative Café.

Audience: All delegates