21 to 22 November 2016
Berlin, Germany

SWIFT Premium Services Forum Europe 2016

Putting security front and centre in everything we do

Peter BenzTechnological evolution is opening up new areas of vulnerability and risk and the threat landscape today is very different to what it was 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago. Furthermore, it’s different today to what it was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be different again. Opening the Premium Services Forum (PSF) 2016 in Berlin, Peter Benz, Head of EMEA Service Management, SWIFT, welcomed participants and said that it is no coincidence that we are seeing a surge in cyber-crime at a time when we are innovating like never before.  The two are clearly linked and the need to protect our businesses is greater than ever.

“Our community is under attack, we need to address this together. The cyber security landscape is changing, cyber criminals are well organised, well-funded and extremely sophisticated, and getting smarter,” said Benz. He then went on to explain that the most important thing that all of us need to do is to secure our own environment, but that this basic hygiene, which is necessary, is only a starting point and a solid baseline onto which a lot more needs to be built.

In response to this constantly evolving threat landscape, cyber security was top of the agenda at PSF, with the subject covered both in the plenaries and in the work sessions. At PSF, our guest speaker at the opening plenary was Jakob Scharf, Executive Director and Co-founder, CERTA Intelligence & Security.

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PSF 2016
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19 December 2016

PSF 2016 wrap-up report

Putting security front and centre in everything we do
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