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Work sessions are a key feature of SOFE and offer a wealth of information about the latest and upcoming developments in SWIFT’s products and services.

We have increased the number of work sessions at SOFE once again this year to make sure that we are covering as many topics as possible and that there is something on the agenda for everyone. Given the number of work sessions in the programme, to help you navigate what is available, we have split the sessions into five categories: Business, Standards & Mandatory Migrations, Regulation & Compliance, Operational Excellence and Services.

In addition to the above mentioned categorisation, we have also added an indicator of the levels of discussion/interactivity that you can expect in each session. These are as follows:

  • MODERATE (Q&A only)
  • MEDIUM (Reach out to participants for feedback)
  • HIGH (Actively engage with participants to get feedback throughout session)

We hope that you find everything you are looking for in the list of work sessions and look forward to seeing you at SOFE!

SWIFT Operations Forum Europe (SOFE) 2016 work sessions


New offering for banks: Watch Banking Analytics Premium

Act faster, perform better. Business Intelligence that gives you the edge.
SWIFT Business Intelligence (BI) continues to widen its scope to support business development and regulatory reporting across multiple market segments and geographies. Its proven track record of detailed understanding of specific customer needs provides in-depth customised solutions and functionality enhancements.

Find out how the new SWIFT Watch Banking Analytics Premium can be leveraged inside your institution.  

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

The SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) initiative

With the global payments innovation initiative (gpi), SWIFT is setting a new standard in cross-border payments. Announced in December 2015, over 85 of the largest transaction banks have signed up. They will provide their customers with same day value of funds, transparency of fees, and end-to-end payments tracking similar to international parcel shipping companies. Transforming their words into action, 15 of the initiative member banks - representing more than 30 percent of cross-border payments – have already upgraded their systems and successfully tested the design and core functions of SWIFT gpi. In addition, there is a vision and pragmatic roadmap to digitally transform cross-border payments.

Join this session to hear from SWIFT and gpi member banks about their experience and why your bank cannot miss out on this game-changing initiative.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Discover R&D@SWIFT:  Distributed Ledger Technology

Do you want to learn more about SWIFT latest R&D activities around distributed ledger technology? Are you curious to see what the latest proof of concepts developed in the SWIFTLab are? If so, this is a not-to-be-missed session in your SOFE calendar!

Potential for interaction/dialogue: HIGH

Operational dashboards and Business Intelligence services – are you getting what you need?

SWIFT is already offering operational dashboards and services like the ‘Network Management Dashboards’ and the ‘RMA Analysis’ in its Business Intelligence portfolio. During this session, our aim will be to identify possible gaps. What kind of data and insights would you like to get from an operational or business point of view?

The session will combine a presentation of the status quo with an interactive workshop.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Standards & Mandatory Migrations

Why financial institutions need an ISO20022 implementation strategy now

During the past year, we have seen a number of ISO 20022 initiatives in the payments market, many of them initiated by payments MIs such as Payments Canada, SIX in Switzerland, CIPS in China, TCH and the US Fed, and, in the near future, ECB/Target2/EURO1 Step1. The UK announced a strategic initiative to redesign payments in the UK, and other important initiatives are arising in the domain of real-time payments, also driven by EPC SEPA for instant payments. At the same time, ISO 20022 is also a fundamental component in the re-shaping of the securities industry, led by T2S in Europe and a growing number of CSDs worldwide, and ISO 20022 is increasingly becoming the required standard for regulatory reporting.
Your institution will be increasingly dealing with ISO 20022 message formats; how can financial institutions integrate this new enabling technology for improving automation and lowering cost and risk in operational processes?

In this session you will discover what SWIFT is doing to accommodate and facilitate ISO 20022 message flows on SWIFTNet in a cost-effective way, and how you can prepare and build a strategic and tactical implementation roadmap for ISO 20022.

Target audience: Business and technical audience, given the involvement of both aspects in the choices of implementation.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Regain control of your standards management with MyStandards

Whether you need to deal with the MT standards release, get familiar with ISO 20022, understand the impact of large-scale industry initiatives or manage your organisation-specific guidelines, you can get more efficient with MyStandards. In this session, you will learn how this industry-wide collaborative platform can help you in customer-facing situations (onboarding, documentation, support), internal implementation projects (integration, implementation and testing) and day-to-day operations (repairs).

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

Mandatory Migrations Alliance 7.2, SNL/Gateway 7.0.50

2017 and 2018 will have some mandatory releases including release 7.2 which covers the whole portfolio.
In this session we will focus on these mandatory updates, highlighting how they will impact you. We will also be explaining what the changed release policy means for you and how you will maintain your environment in the future.

If you want to be prepared for release 7.2, this is the session you cannot afford to miss.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

Regulation, Compliance & Reference Data

Financial Crime Compliance: what's new?

The SWIFT Financial Crime Compliance portfolio of products and services is growing. We have just introduced our Payment Data Quality Module which will help you check the compliance of your payment messages with the FATF 16 recommendation.
We are also about to launch our Name Screening Service (NSS) to complement our very successful Sanctions Screening Service. In this work session we will present each of these new initiatives and answer your questions.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

BCBS248: what is the status and how can SWIFT help?

The BCBS (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Tools could deliver significant financial and operational impacts. In this session, we will examine the current regulatory status and the collaborative initiatives to establish a structured dialogue with the National regulators and to help reduce associated operational costs. We will also look at how SWIFT can help banks in their implementation project.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

The KYC Registry and SWIFTRef: Manage your correspondent network in compliance with KYC requirements

Discover how The KYC Registry and SWIFTRef Bankers World Online have joined forces to provide the holistic solution you need to assess prospects, evaluate relationships and conduct ongoing due diligence and remediation. 

On top of this, we propose to walk you through the new BIC directories (BIC Plus & BIC2018) and the Data Manager software

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

Operational Excellence

Securing your locally hosted SWIFT infrastructure in line with SWIFT’s security standards

To help customers address today’s cyber security challenge, SWIFT issued a set of security controls applicable to all customers. Lacking the right security measures on the locally hosted SWIFT infrastructure, raises risk and exposes the customer environment to security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Among many consequences can be fraudulent transactions, application outages, and missed cut-offs. Customers should consider the end-to-end transaction chain in this exercise to impede attacks on the weakest link in the security setup.

In this session, we will provide an overview on the SWIFT Customer Security Framework: the main security control areas, the roll-out milestones and the assurance framework.

In addition, based on our consulting experience, we will be sharing some operational best practices around the following topics:

  • Securing the perimeter of the locally hosted SWIFT infrastructure
  • Security-related operational functions to manage the locally hosted SWIFT infrastructure and the integration of their roles and responsibilities into the organizational activities.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Cyber-attacks on customers’ systems – what happened and what can we learn from the attacks?

In this interactive session, SWIFT will share the different ways cyber criminals have tried to compromise the infrastructure connecting to SWIFT with the intent to exchange fraudulent transactions. This session will offer you a platform where you can learn how different actors set up the attacks and how you can better protect yourself. We will provide details on the Modus Operandi and different TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) used in different attacks on financial institutions that have been investigated by the SWIFT Security Operations teams.

Target audience: participants interested in sharing and improving cyber security practices. Familiarity with cyber security definitions and vocabulary is a slight pre-requisite.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Efficiency as a Service (EaaS) – the SWIFT Community cloud

Over the past few years, application and service providers have made much of the concepts of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (IaaP). The cloud is a key enabler for increased agility and improved cost-efficiencies in support of an institution's business strategies.  Over the years, SWIFT has evolved its offering with the SWIFT Community Cloud portfolio, providing a single and direct connection to the financial industry for more than 1,800 customers – banks, corporates and investment managers.

But after this time in the spotlight, a key question remains: have such hosted solutions really disrupted the way we do business and operate IT solutions? Join our session to find out.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: HIGH

Alliance Interfaces 2017 – 2018 Roadmap

Looking for your yearly Alliance Roadmap update? Do you want to know everything that is coming next year for your Alliance interfaces? This is where you will find it.
Our product managers will walk you through the updates for 2017-2018. They will also explain how SWIFT will adapt to the changing world of security updates, and show the recent two-factor authentication evolution.

If you want to be prepared for 2017-2018, this is the session you cannot afford to miss.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

Alliance Messaging Hub

Wondering what Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) can do for you?  Want to know how AMH will evolve in the future? Then this is the session you cannot afford to miss.  We will highlight the important benefits that AMH can bring you, walk you through the future developments, and explain how we adapt to the changing world of security.

We will ensure we are covering the most relevant topics about the present and future of AMH such as:

  • How to achieve zero downtime and true 24/7 operations with AMH
  • Single Platform: AMH as a single platform for all your financial messaging flows
  • AMH can be customized, to non-intrusively fit in your environment and processes
  • Open Multi-Network support
  • AMH ready for Real-Time payments

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM


ERROR 404: Future Not Found -  a series of 4 different interactive workshops to help us to design your support tools for the future

Error404 is a recurring theme at SOFE where we discuss what you need to manage and monitor your systems effectively. This year, we invite you to three deep-dive sessions about brand-new subjects, and a fourth general-information session, all about subjects that matter to you in improving your operational experience. We’ll start each interactive session with an update about how SWIFT addressed the feedback from the previous ERROR 404 sessions.

Please join us to watch, listen, discuss and tell us what you think!

  • Session 1: Operational Health - brainstorming about self-assessments for strengthening and increasing the visibility of your overall operational health
  • Session 2: Deep dive on mySWIFT & myInbox – evolution of the one-stop gateway to SWIFT Support Services and self-service information, resources, and tools
  • Session 3: Deep dive on Support Information & Documentation - designing the knowledge centre of the future

Target audience: we are looking for participants who either:

  • Have experience in using our support tools (mySWIFT, User Handbook, Knowledge Base, myConfig, Case Manager, …)
  • Have innovative ideas on how we can and should improve our Support Tools Portfolio going forward
  • Know what information you need from SWIFT, and how it is relevant to your business and/or operations

Registration for the deep dive sessions is required as seats are limited. All sessions are different; please register for one or more sessions at the registration desk onsite whenever convenient for you. First come, first served!

Potential for interaction/dialogue: HIGH

And last but not least!

  • Session 4: General Information Session. Get a summary and highlights from the workshops (see sessions 1-2-3), share and discuss your priorities with us, in this final information session, no registration required.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MEDIUM

Supporting your project implementations through SWIFT Integration products and services

Today, financial institutions are operating in a more dynamic environment than ever. They often need to implement multiple projects in parallel, many of which have an impact on their SWIFT flows and must be delivered within very challenging deadlines. SWIFT can help you minimise the impact of such projects by providing a comprehensive portfolio of integration products and services.

During this session, SWIFT will present the different integration frameworks that SWIFT offers to its customers as part of the interface portfolio and how their functional capabilities can cater for projects with different levels of complexity. Also, we will outline SWIFT’s approach in providing end-to-end services to take your projects successfully from the initial analysis to go-live. User testimonials and case studies will be presented during the session.

Our objective will be to ensure that you come away with a clear idea about SWIFT’s capabilities in the application integration space.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE

SWIFTSmart – a new eLearning experience for everyone

For more than 30 years, SWIFT has provided open classroom training to its members on the fundamentals of SWIFT and the financial industry’s ecosystem. Driven by SWIFT’s community mission to instil operational excellence, increase risk awareness and decrease security threats for all members, SWIFT has launched SWIFTSmart, a comprehensive and innovative eLearning platform. This new interactive, cloud-based service provides a digital catalogue of courses to help increase the reach and access of SWIFT expertise within your institution. Join this session to be amongst the first on the platform and to discover how SWIFTSmart can support your institution with faster onboarding of new staff, better understanding of SWIFT and increased productivity, ultimately leading to reduced day-to-day operational risk and greater efficiency in detecting security threats operating in your environment.      

Potential for interaction/dialogue: HIGH

SWIFT Support Services: towards more value for more customers

As part of our Strategy2020, SWIFT is embarking on the journey to reshape its current Customer Support Services offering to better serve our increasing and diverse customer base.
Inspired by best practices in the industry, we will aim to streamline the value propositions of our portfolio, address evolving market needs, and bring a better customer experience through a combination of self an assisted support.

Join this interactive session to co-create the contents and the structure of our Customer Support Services roadmap towards more value for more customers. Operational Services review

Potential for interaction/dialogue: HIGH

Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP) – What’s in it for you?

This session will inform the audience on the Shared Infrastructure Programme for customers connecting to SWIFT through third parties such as Service Bureaux. We will explain what the evolutions will be in light of the increased focus on security in our industry, their impact, and when and how they will be implemented.

Target audience: SOFE participants operating a Service Bureau and the members served by them.

Potential for interaction/dialogue: MODERATE