21 July 2016

SWIFT Greater China Regional Conference 2016

SWIFT Greater China Regional Conference 2016

China's economic ebb and flows continue to challenge global markets. The positive progress of the RMB's internationalisation has been balanced against a continuing backdrop of volatile onshore equity markets that saw steep declines at the start of the year and the removal of the controversial circuit breaker system. China's financial technology and digital banking sector received more investment than HK and Singapore combined last year, yet still has ample opportunities for further growth and development. And overshadowing everything is the continuing shift and amendment of regulation and compliance standards which without agreement between counter parties, stalls progress and slows growth further. 

There is no doubt we are facing strong economic headwinds, and China's role as the worlds second largest economy has never been more important in working to help steer its own domestic market as well as global financial markets through the months and years ahead.

The world needs China as much as China needs the world - solidifying the steps needed to ensure greater collaboration on the financial stage will be just some of the themes explored at SWIFT’s Greater China Regional Conference. Over the course of this one day event, a leading panel of onshore and offshore specialists will explore the key themes identified as growth drivers for the Chinese and global economies including:

  • Differing perspectives on the internationalisation of the RMB
  • Enhancing digital finance to stimulate growth in the Chinese economy
  • Updates on regulation and compliance standards and the way forward
  • The ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative and how this affects China's outbound FDI
  • China's place in the global supply chain and the implications for banks and corporates

I look forward to seeing you in July!

Alain Raes
Chief Executive, Asia Pacific & EMEA

SWIFT Greater China Regional Conference 2016

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13 July 2016

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