Relive the Financial Crime Compliance conversation from Sibos 2016

Financial crime compliance is critical to all SWIFT users, regardless of size or location.

At Sibos 2016, senior practitioners shared insights and debated how collaboration and utility solutions are addressing the industry’s compliance and cybersecurity challenges.

swift_video_thumbnail_compliance_complianceforumsibos2016.jpgSibos 2016 - Compliance Forum highlights

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Sibos in review: Banking low-risk clients in high-risk jurisdictions

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5 December 2016

Compliance experts at Sibos 2016 explored the implications of de-risking and the possible solutions.

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Sibos in review: Trends in counter terrorist financing

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11 November 2016

Compliance experts at Sibos 2016 discuss how the industry can work together to prevent terrorist financing

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Sibos in review: Compliance highlights

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28 October 2016

Compliance was top of mind at Sibos 2016. Read all the compliance coverage from SWIFT at Sibos and Sibos Issues.

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Make plans for Sibos 2017

The Compliance stream at Sibos is open to everyone and provides a unique opportunity for senior compliance and business executives to meet each other, share ideas and discuss business and collaboration.

It’s also a great chance to meet SWIFT’s compliance experts and learn how SWIFT can help you achieve your compliance objectives.

If you’re a senior compliance or risk officer, or a professional working elsewhere in financial crime, AML, KYC or Due Diligence disciplines, you’ll want to make plans now to join us at Sibos 2017 in Toronto !

Isaac Kalala, Head of Compliance at Rawbank, talking about Sanctions Screening as part of our SWIFT theme on Financial Crime Compliance

Isaac Kalala - Compliance - Sibos 2016Isaac Kalala - Compliance - Sibos 2016

Compliance portfolio - Set the standard in financial crime compliance

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2 January 2017

Learn about SWIFT’s broad portfolio of community-inspired financial crime compliance services in the areas of Sanctions, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Compliance Analytics / Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

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SWIFT Financial Crime Compliance Services

Sibos 2016 Geneva

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Compliance Info Papers

Sanctions filters: the expert guide

A practical guide to maximising the effectiveness of your sanctions filters

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Compliance Info Papers

Information paper - Addressing the unintended consequences of de-risking

Industry insights into the impact of de-risking, and what banks can do to protect their correspondent connections

Compliance Info Papers

RMA and RMA Plus: managing your correspondent connections

SWIFT’s financial crime compliance products help financial institutions understand, manage and mitigate operational, compliance and fraud risks in line with industry recommendations.

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Compliance Info Papers

Systems testing and annual certification: driving business benefits

This info paper outlines implications of new DFS certification requirements, the potential for banks to develop ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and create business efficiencies, and how Sanctions Testing and other SWIFT services can help

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