25 May 2016
Milan, Italy

SWIFT Business Forum Milan 2016

SWIFT Business Forum Milan 2016

Welcome to the SWIFT Business Forum Milano

Welcome to this year’s SWIFT Business Forum Milano. This event, which will take place at the Centro Conferenze Bezzi, via Massaua 6, Milan on 25 May 2016, will focus on how we can effectively harness disruptive trends to deliver practical, real world change to the financial industry and its customers.

The programme for this event will combine keynote speeches and panel discussions to address a number of key topics. With start-ups and new entrants gaining pace, we will discuss critical success factors in the new environment, and assess how incumbent players are shifting gears to become more innovative and competitive. What does digitalisation mean for the payments industry and what is its impact on customer experience? What role will blockchain and distributed ledger technologies play in the future of banking? How fast is the shift towards ISO 20022 and real-time payments? What lies behind the hype, and how do these trends apply at industry scale in the real world? How does the SWIFT2020 strategy cater for all of this change and how does it translate big trends into concrete developments in SWIFT’s products and services?

We will look at the disruption and rejuvenation of correspondent banking, financial crime compliance, the rise of real-time payments, and the global shift towards ISO 20022 and analyse how these developments impact the Italian financial industry and beyond. We will also look at the impact of innovation in the corporate-to-bank space and give you the latest updates on SWIFT for corporates. On the securities side, we will look at the drivers for change and the impacts of regulation for both financial institutions and market infrastructures.

You will hear from renowned industry speakers, alongside SWIFT experts, on all of these topics and learn about what SWIFT is doing to meet the needs of its community. As always, the event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and share experiences on topics of great relevance to you and your business.

We hope that you will join us on 25 May. The event will present an unrivalled opportunity to hear first-hand the views of key experts from your country’s financial community about a range of issues that are of great relevance to you and your business.

The event will be conducted in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation.

I look forward to seeing you on 25 May.

Erika Toso
Head of SWIFT Italy

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