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Lite2 Cash Reporting Dashboard

Consolidate your multi-bank cash position into a ready-to-use dashboard for MS Excel users. Coming soon, this solution will provide visibility, and gets rid of manual consolidation processes.

Consolidating your cash position

Treasury departments face a number of challenges in monitoring their cash positions easily. Obtaining a consolidated cash position is often a time consuming and repetitive operational process, involving multiple banks, tokens and passwords. Consequently, treasury managers cannot quickly and efficiently assess their liquidity positions and take timely strategic business decisions.

However, you may not want to implement a fully integrated solution into your back-office IT infrastructure immediately.

Our solution

Lite2 Cash Reporting Dashboard is an out-of-the box solution which won’t require you to change your internal systems or involve IT resources. An easy to use solution for MS Excel users, Lite2 Cash Reporting Dashboard offers the following benefits:

  • Early availability of all statements at your fingertips.
  • No impact on your back-office IT infrastructure.
  • Create your own reports and exports using actionable data.
  • Simple integration with MS Excel.
  • Swift multi-bank connectivity with no dependency on additional third parties.
  • Lite2 Cash Reporting Dashboard also offers the key Swift components for further implementation in your ERP or treasury management system.

Key features

The solution includes:

  • Cash reporting module for MS Excel users.
  • Pre-defined reports for MS Excel users.
  • Cockpit for tracking the successful receipt of statements from banks.
  • Out-of-the-box package.

For more information, contact your Swift account manager or email