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Safeguarding your connection to Swift

Table of contents

Using Alliance Lifeline

Alliance Lifeline is a cloud-based service based on Alliance Lite2.There’s no need for capital investment or on-premises installation and maintenance.

If your primary Swift connection becomes unavailable, simply ask us to activate Alliance Lifeline to begin exchanging messages within 90 minutes. Connecting to the service is straightforward: using a PC or laptop you can access Alliance Lifeline via the internet from any location using secure USB tokens, or use your Alliance Connect Swift VPN connection.

All Swift message types and files can be exchanged using Alliance Lifeline, which offers automated and manual message entry as well as supporting basic message reconciliation. Using Alliance Lifeline, you can exchange all FIN and Interact messages, as well as FileAct files. The service is compatible with all Swift standards, including ISO 20022, and can be used to send and receive up to 10,000 messages per day.

As an optional service, you can receive a report of the last messages sent via your standard Swift connection before any disruption occurred. You can also request a copy of all the messages exchanged over Alliance Lifeline during any outage.

Other features include:

  • Manual entry using browser/graphical user interface screens
  • Customised to your requirements
  • File-based integration
  • Access to Browse services
  • Optional archive copy of all messages on AutoClient
  • Standard Plus Support (24/7/365) included in the base price

Services and support

Comprehensive setup and operational services are available. Our end-to-end setup services include impact assessment, solution design and remote installation. We also assist with activation testing and provide documentation for the activation procedures. Using our operational and maintenance services, you can activate and deactivate Alliance Lifeline as and when needed. We can also assist you with message reconciliation.

Available on a consultancy basis, additional services include assistance with Alliance Lifeline activation tests and RMA updates.

Alliance Lifeline Premium

When time is of the essence, faster recovery can be achieved using our optional Premium service. Alliance Lifeline Premium is always ready to send messages, so there’s no need to wait for activation – which means you can avoid penalties related to missed deadlines or cut-offs. The daily usage fee applies for every day that you send or receive messages.


  • One-off setup fee
  • Annual subscription fee
  • Daily usage fee when you use or activate the service
  • Messages and files are charged at our standard prices.

Two free usage days are provided each year, allowing you to test the service. Please note that Alliance Lifeline is not an alternative to a back-up infrastructure.

For more information on Alliance Lifeline, speak to your Swift account manager.