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Publish and share your own message specifications

MyStandards Premium+ is a collaborative online platform that allows you to develop, publish and share your own message specifications in any format across any channel, payment types and markets –internally and with counterparties, in a formal, consistent way.

You can also control who has access to your message specifications.

Message specifications defined in MyStandards can also be easily reused in Swift interfaces and Swift Translator ready for implementation.

Create customised testing portals for customers

When financial institutions onboard new customers, message testing via MyStandards Premium+ helps reduce onboarding times and costs by an average of 50%. As a MyStandards Premium+ user, you can create customised testing portals for each individual customer, or generic portals for categories of customers. The testing portal allows users to test sample messages against specifications. Using the Responder feature, you can receive positive or negative response message from the valid input test message.

Direct access to the information needed and the ability to test independently means fewer issues during the end-to-end testing phase, fewer calls into customer service or implementation teams, and faster entry into new markets and business relationships. 

The application also lets you configure the support channel per portal, so that customer queries reach the right team fast, and you can fully monitor your customer’s testing progress and offer assistance where needed.

Publish, maintain, and test any messaging formats

By using Swift Translator alongside MyStandards, you can go beyond MTs and ISO 20022, and use MyStandards for any type of message format.

Testing the many different messaging formats used across the financial services industry can be time-consuming and add complexity to customer onboarding. Thanks to Swift Translator, you can define any message format, import formats from files and message libraries, or define your own formats from scratch with no coding requirements.

Enjoy all MyStandards Lite features

As a MyStandards Premium+ user, you also benefit from the same features as MyStandards Lite users: 

  • Get instant access to rich standards content in a common, structured way

View base standards (MT and ISO 20022), change requests (CR) and message specifications by category and business area. Public message specifications and release information uses a standard ‘markup’ method, enabling unambiguous interpretation.

  • Compare versions and analyse impacts

Simplify the analysis and implementation of the annual standards release and compare versions. With MyStandards Premium+, you can also assess the impact of new standards releases on the message specifications relevant to your business.

  • Download multi-format documentation 

Automate the generation of PDF documents, XLS spreadsheets and XML schemas of base standards and message specifications.

  • Test sample messages against base standards and message specifications

Make sure your systems are fully compliant by testing your sample messages against base standards and upcoming Standards Releases, as well as message specifications.

Which version of MyStandards is right for me?

See how MyStandards Premium and MyStandards Premium+ compare to MyStandards Lite, and determine if it’s the best option for your requirements.


Do timely business with counterparties

Do timely business with counterparties

With MyStandards Premium+, financial institutions can create, structure, publish and share their message specifications, so their customers can easily access and implement the necessary changes to their messages, saving time and resources. They’ll be able to easily see exactly how to use your message specifications, how the message should be structured, and what information is needed.

MyStandards Premium+ also provides testing capabilities, allowing your customers to test their own messages, receive clear and instant feedback on errors and on the spot corrections, as well as coverage analysis allowing you to monitor their progress and assist where needed.

Reduce risk and cost

MyStandards Premium+ offers you more control and a better view of your customer’s testing process and the depth of tests realised. 
As a self-service model, the platform also significantly offloads integration managers by allowing your customers to work autonomously, making the implementation process faster, more efficient and more predictable.

Reduce risk and cost
Easy onboarding and implementation

Easy onboarding and implementation

With MyStandards Premium+, you can significantly reduce time required for onboarding customers. Customised customer portals with 24/7 self-serving testing capabilities give your customers direct access to the standards documentation and message specifications relevant to them, resulting in fewer issues during end-to-end testing and faster entry into new markets and business relationships. 

The validation of the message syntax and business rules are made simple. By testing your messages via MyStandards, you and your customers gain direct access to the information needed to make the onboarding and implementation process smooth and efficient, reducing onboarding times, and ultimately costs, by an average of 50%.

Enhance your customer experience

MyStandards Premium+ is an online application that can be easily set up in a few minutes with no local footprint. The application is network- or channel-agnostic. Your customers do not have to install any software, all they need is a free MyStandards account to start testing against your messages across both Swift and non-Swift channels. The self-service testing environment also offers instant feedback, 24/7.

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