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Table of contents

When you place an order with SWIFT, the ordering process is as follows:

1. Update your profile

  • Go to the Request Accesses tab of your swift.com personal profile. Click on Edit.

  • Go to Ordering and Billing Applications and tick the checkbox in front of ‘Ordering’, ‘Order Status’ and ‘Configuration Changes’. Save your changes.

  • Your request must be approved by your SWIFT administrator. The name of your administrator can be found under the Registration Information tab.

  • Shareholding members of SWIFT can use SWIFT online ordering on behalf of any sub-members.

2. Place your order

  • Step 1: Fill in all the order details. Some fields are prefilled automatically; some provide a selection through a drop down menu. Mandatory fields are indicated with an orange triangle.
  • Step 2: Verify details and confirm the information provided in Step 1.

3. Order confirmation

We will confirm receipt of the order. The person who placed the order will receive automated emails providing status updates. No order is binding until SWIFT has notified the customer that SWIFT has accepted the order.

4. Track your order

Check the status and details of your orders. Delete, cancel or clone existing orders using our online tracking tool.

5. Billing and invoicing information

For information about billing and invoicing, see the billing and invoicing section of the website.

6. Emergency treatment

Customer orders can be processed at one of three different priority levels: standard, high priority and emergency. Learn more about emergency or high priority handling.

7. Cancel or modify an order

If you modify or cancel your order, a fee of EUR 1,000 per order will be incurred if manual rework is required by SWIFT. No cost is incurred for cancellations made within 24 hours of ordering.

8. Ordering terms and conditions

Use of this ordering service is subject to the SWIFT Ordering Service Terms and Conditions.