Bankers World Online

Global reference data and financial information for payments, regulatory reporting and due diligence

Bankers World Online features

Bankers World Online is an online lookup tool allowing you to consult the global SWIFTRef database at any time.

You can source reference data to populate, check and enhance your domestic, SEPA and international payments correctly, as well as validate identifiers used in regulatory reports and find information to evaluate current and potential counterparty risk.

With 24-hour SWIFT support, you can rely on Bankers World Online to provide the information you need for your business.

Now, with a dedicated link to your KYC Registry access, Bankers World Online extends the information available to conduct due diligence processes.

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Last update: 
24 March 2017

World-class reference data and financial information for successful payments, regulatory reporting and due diligence

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How can you use Bankers World Online?

Reduce payment errors:

  • Identify and validate SWIFT / BIC codes 
  • Check beneficiary bank foreign currency correspondents
  • Identify beneficiary bank account numbers with its correspondent

Support your payments business:

  • Check worldwide national bank (clearing/sort) codes
  • See correspondent banks' membership of national and international clearing and settlement systems

Drive consistency:

  • Validate IBANs, derive SWIFT / BIC codes from IBANs and convert BBANs to IBANs
  • Validate counterparty SEPA scheme adherence (SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B, SDD COR1)

Efficient payment routing: 

  • Identify the most efficient payment routing to reach a beneficiary institution, including all SEPA channels

Save time on manual research:

  • Find name, address and contacts for any financial institution or corporate
  • Understand bank group hierarchies
  • Check SWIFT / BIC and Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) links and validate them to support regulatory reporting needs (SEPA, Dodd Frank, EMIR)
  • Confirm financial and entity information for counterparty risk analysis

What can you find in Bankers World Online?

SWIFTRef Bankers World Online

  • All SWIFT / BIC codes from the ISO Registry from over 200 countries, which includes SWIFT connected and non-connected financial institutions and corporates
  • National identification codes for payment, clearing and sort codes from over 150 countries
  • LEIs linked to BICs
  • Bank names, addresses and contact details
  • SEPA / IBAN data from all IBAN countries
  • IBAN validation, BIC from  IBAN derivation, national  IBAN formats and BBAN-IBAN conversion tools
  • SEPA routing information and readiness
  • Bank Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs) for worldwide retail and treasury payments
  • Direct and indirect international clearing and settlement system membership
  • Bank financials, credit ratings (Moody’s) and ownership structure; executives and directors; and industry classifications (Reuters, SIC, NAICS)
  • Bank hierarchy information
  • Identity, regulation and sanctions data, directly sourced from Reuters
  • Country, currency and holiday information, including stock exchange holidays and trading hours

What other features does Bankers World Online have?

SWIFTRef Bankers World Online

  • Advanced filtering to show only relevant results
  • Quick Search function that allows for quicker lookups
  • Partial code searching to give wider search results
  • Relational database to give more linkages to main offices for better routing options
  • French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian versions of Bankers World are also available

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