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Network connectivity to suit your needs

The new SRX345 VPN boxes, replacing the existing SSG5 VPN boxes in the Alliance Connect family, products are now available.

Our Alliance Connect products deliver secure and reliable connectivity to Swift. Three different packages are available, and the SRX345 boxes add new options to the existing portfolio.

Alliance Connect has three tiers: Bronze, Silver/Silver Plus and Gold. While your choice of product will likely be determined by your traffic requirements, other considerations should also be taken into account, such as the level of resiliency you are looking for.

Depending on your chosen product, you can connect to Swift via the internet or via private VPN connectivity offered by one of our four selected Network Partners.

Alliance Connect

Alliance Connect Bronze

Suitable for lower-volume messaging requirements, Alliance Connect Bronze implemented with SRX345 VPN boxes offers secure and low cost connectivity accessing Swift via one or two VPN boxes.

Alliance Connect Silver/Silver Plus

Alliance Connect Silver connects customers with medium messaging volumes to Swift via a private VPN connection when using one VPN box, with the possibility of an internet connection when using two VPN boxes.

Alliance Connect Gold

Using Alliance Connect Gold with SRX345 VPN boxes, high-volume customers requiring the highest resiliency can connect to Swift via two, three or four private VPN connections.

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Last update: 30 July 2018

Alliance Connect Bronze

This factsheet explains the service and outlines the key features and benefits.